A TRIP TO TROPIC GALLERIA; Abuja’s finest mall yet.

Post lockdown, I yearned to go out so much I made a list of places I wanted to visit. At first I didn’t add tropic galleria to my list because I didn’t know of its existence. Late one evening I saw a story post on my instagram time line of a really beautiful spot and I decided to take a look. Behold! it was one of the prettiest places I’ve ever seen here in Abuja. As a foodie, I decided to check if there were any restaurants there and UR cafe caught my eyes. The one thing that really caught my eye there was the customised cappuccino coffee they served. So I decided to check it out with my sister and my best girl Habiba.

UR cafe experience.

UR cafe is centred right in mall’s middle, its the first place you set your eyes upon as you enter the mall.

The first thing that caught my eye at UR cafe was the classy white interior. I went ahead to grab a seat and check out their Menu.

UR cafe menu

The menu was made up of a couple exciting things that I wanted to try but they weren’t available. The menu was pretty much not helpful especially when it came to choosing pastries because it was only the items displayed on the counter that were available, so its easier to check what is displayed at the counter and make a choice of drinks from the menu only. At the end of the day I ordered for the white forest cake, creme doughnut & cappuccino. My sister had chicken pie and a glass of chapman, Habiba on the other hand had a lemonade with caramel cake.

Here’s a taste of what I had;


I ordered the white forest cake because it looked beautiful and seemed different from my usual choice of cake. It was indeed beautiful but sadly, I didn’t enjoy it. It’s not that it wasn’t a delicious cake but it wasn’t my kind of cake and I really didn’t like the large chunks of fruit in it.


The creme doughnut was simply amazing! I’ve never had so much cream filling in a doughnut ever. I truly enjoyed it and I would totally recommend it for any doughnut lover.


The cappuccino tasted basic, just like any regular cappuccino. What was unique about it was the option to write something on it


Guys! This is the best chicken pie I’ve had in Abuja so far! There’s actually chicken in the chicken pie unlike most places that serve disappointments.

I loved that it didn’t look like the regular chicken pie that we are all used to here and it had a nice crunchy crust at the end. I’m surely going to get more of it.


The Chapman was basic Chapman but pricy.


So I actually didn’t order this caramel cake but I really wish I did, but I had a taste of it.

I honestly loved it! It was creamy and crunchy which was my favourite thing about it. But Habiba complained about it being dry and I kinda agree but I personally feel it’s nothing major and it had something to do with where it was stored. But all in all it was Nice.

A deeper look into the tropic galleria mall.

Tropicgalleria has become one of the hottest spots in Abuja RN mainly because of the amazing ambience and aesthetics. I personally think it’s absolutely beautiful and it’s the prettiest mall we have currently in the Nation’s Capital. It has a greek inspired look. there are several sculptures and artworks featuring Ancient Greek history. However, it is still in progress, a lot of things haven’t been finished yet but it’s still beautiful regardless. Currently some of the finished spots include;







I’m really looking forward to visiting again when things are more settled. Watch out for the blog post.

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