Abuja’s cutest bake shop – Cake Etcetera by Nosen.

Cake etcetera is located at NO 1 Kampala street off Ademola Adetokunbo crescent Wuse 2. It is a newly opened bake shop in Wuse 2. They have another branch which is located in another part of Abuja, but this is the latest. As a Kampala street regular, I noticed a cute little shop on the side a couple of months ago being decorated with beautiful flowers and I was immediately elated to see how it was going to turn out. A couple of weeks ago, I went to pick up a package at Kampala street and I saw the shop had been launched. I was in a hurry at the time but I decided to breeze in quickly and see how its has turned out and check out what the shop was about. The bake shop has a really cute pink interior which is beautifully decorated with a lot of different artificial flowers, cute white showcase shelves, white chairs and tables and a lovely decorative bicycle piece. One of the things I loved about the space was how the cakes were beautifully displayed on the shelves. The cakes were so beautifully made I thought they weren’t real. Another thing that absolutely captured my heart was the pink Christmas tree and the stunning chandelier light. At the time I visited the bake shop, it was just a couple of days after Christmas and they still had all their beautiful Christmas decorations up. Their services include birthday cakes, wedding cakes, anniversary cakes, cupcakes, snacks and desserts.

Cake Parfait – NGN1,000

When I walked into the bake shop the first thing that caught my eye was the cake parfait displayed on the counter. I didn’t really have the time to check out everything displayed because I was in a rush and I was told by the attendants that they didn’t have a Menu or even a price list for the cakes so I just bought the cake parfait. There were only 2 flavours available and I got both flavours (red velvet & chocolate).

The red velvet cake parfait is a combination of vanilla, red velvet and chocolate layered with whipped cream and topped with a delicious cherry. This cake parfait flavour was nice and affordable my opinion. Although it was generally nice, the vanilla cake at the bottom was a bit dry. It didn’t have any moisture whatsoever but it wasn’t hard though. The other two flavours(red velvet & chocolate) were not dry, they each has their own fair share of moisture and were delicious.

The chocolate cake parfait was my favourite(I mean, you can never go wrong with chocolate right?). It had 3 lawyers of chocolate cake which were finally topped with whipped cream and a cherry on top. I noticed that the chocolate cake parfait had a little drizzle of caramel syrup in it which added a unique taste to it. It was very moist, unlike the other one and It was also delicious. I absolutely loved it.

General service Review

Cake etcetera is really quite beautiful and peaceful and from the taste and looks of their cakes they are actually really good. However, their staff do not seem to be properly trained. They were nice and cordial but very confused, they didn’t seem to have enough information about anything and they kept staring like they were lost anytime I asked a question.

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