Ann’s Restaurant and Bar ~ Good vibes this way

Last week my younger sister turned 18 and we wanted to have a little family dinner to celebrate. Before settling for Ann’s restaurant and bar we had made of list of places, cuisine and a budget as well. We chose Ann’s restaurant and bar because it had great ambience, great food, good vibes as well as affordable pricing. The restaurant is located at No 36 Gana street, Abuja, Nigeria.

Here’s the full look at our experience at the restaurant!

Restaurant Ambience

The restaurant interior was absolutely lovely! It had calm and very classy vibe. The restaurant was beautifully fitted with orange toned lights that really pop out the subtle, earth toned furnitures. The restaurant features an indoor and outdoor sitting area. I didn’t check out much of the bar and outdoor area because we were neither drinking nor smoking. The restaurant had a few private corners that you can have private conversations which I found very thoughtful because it was all in an open space but you can have your secluded time as well. I didn’t take too many pictures of the indoor space because it was in the evening and the restaurant was a bit busy so I didn’t want to be all up in peoples faces taking pictures. I really loved the earth toned colours and beautiful lights (I am a sucker for good lighting).

The food

The restaurant serves a unique variety of dishes ranging from rice, pasta, burgers, sandwiches, salads and so much more. We ordered the following ;

Chicken strips – NGN2,000

AMAZING!!! That’s the only word for these chicken strips. I would totally have it over and over again. Just as it looks, it had a crunchy crust but was soft and tender on the inside. It was served quite hot so when you take a bite it unveils a steamy hot, juicy chicken on the inside. It came along with a mayo dipping, which wasn’t really spectacular but it was nice and made a lovely pairing with the chicken strips.

Signature Rice (2 portions) – NGN6,000

The Ann’s signature rice was so delicious we had to order an extra plate. A portion costs N3,000 which I found quite affordable because it was packed with many rich ingredients. It had, shrimps, beef, egg and a mix of different vegetables. The rice and vegetables weren’t overcooked which I absolutely loved because I really hate overcooked rice/vegetables.

Teriyaki chicken – NGN2,000

When the teriyaki chicken was served I honestly thought it was burnt and it wouldn’t taste nice but to my surprise it was actually nice. It didn’t beat the chicken strips for me but I still liked it regardless. The portion of the chicken is actually quite much and can serve two people. The chicken was so tender I was starting to think was lamb meat. It wasn’t really spicy or overly seasoned it was just nice.

Prawn fried rice – NGN3,400

Just like the signature rice, the prawn rice wasn’t overcooked and so were the vegetables. They honestly weren’t selfish with the amount of prawns in the rice. It was quite packed with enough ingredients as well.

Ann’s special chicken (with fried rice)NGN3,500

This meal was quite satisfactory but I personally feel like there’s nothing really special about it. The chicken was adequately spiced and tender. The fried rice tasted just like it’s other rice counterparts, but without any seafood or beef. The sauce on the side was just ok.

The drinks

Ann’s restaurant hands down has the most affordable and tasty non-alcoholic drinks I’ve seen in an Abuja restaurant. The Oreo milkshake was delicious, creamy and thick + it had ACTUAL OREOS in it. I have been to couple of places in Abuja where they serve Oreo milkshakes without any Oreos TRAGIC! The fruit punch was a combination of pineapple, watermelon, apple, banana and orange juice. I absolutely enjoyed every bit of it. The strawberry extreme was a combination of strawberry, milk, orange juice and lime. I tried all the drinks and I totally loved them all.

General review

My overall experience at Ann’s was quite pleasant. I definitely enjoyed the food, the ambience was great and their staff were quite delightful as well. I would definitely visit again most especially to eat their signature rice and chicken strips. There are however somethings I’d like to share as additional information for my readers. One of them is that the restaurant has very limited parking space. Also, they have no dessert on their menu which is quite heartbreaking for someone like me who has a sweet tooth. For more information about the full restaurant menu you can check out @annsabujaa

Total bill – NGN27,993 (including VAT & service charge)

Number of persons – 4

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