Chopped Bistro, Wuse Abuja.

I’m back again to plug you to another amazing spot because it’s back to back content season. Chopped Bistro has been on my list for so long, i’m so glad I got to check it out and I’m going to be sharing the details with you.
Funny story yeah, I found out about chopped bistro when they started following me on instagram. At first I thought it was a scam page because the food looked too good to be true and I had never heard of the place before. I subsequently followed up on their activities and realised it was a real place and their page wasn’t at all a scam. That was when I added it to my checklist.

My sister’s birthday came and I couldn’t think of a better place to wine and dine with my family. Chopped Bistro is located at No. 170 Ademola Adetokumbo crescent, opposite Peniel apartments Wuse 2, Abuja. My family and I had a splendid time. Check out the details below.


The restaurant features a mini outdoor space as well as an indoor space. The restaurant design is subtle and quite accommodating. I love how the space is welcoming but not doing too much. Theres a floral decorated mirror at the entrance which welcomes you and is great for selfies.

The space is calm and has glass windows which gives you a view of the road. The outdoor space is quite small and suitable for a very casual or brief meeting. The indoor space on the other hand is medium sized and can fit about 20-25 people at once. The restaurant also has a single bathroom for convenience.


I love love how Nigerian the menu is. The menu features mostly Nigerian dishes, with a touch of some intercontinental dishes. The items on the menu are not over priced and it’s evident that the meals and recipes were uniquely and carefully curated.


Phewww!!!! we definitely had a lot of good food and every bit of it was worth it. We ordered chicken wings for starters and later on had individual meals. Together we ordered chopped jollof rice with peppered chicken, Bistro style Pasta, Chopped special Rice with chicken in brown sauce, plantain flour and Egusi soup with chicken.


Chicken wings (10pcs) – N3,000

The chicken wings were super affordable, one of the most affordable I’ve ever purchased. The wings were 10 pieces for just N3,000. It was very spicy, juicy and worth every bite.

Chopped special Rice with chicken in brown sauce – N6,000

The chopped special rice cost N2,000 and the chicken in brown sauce cost N4,000.

The chopped special rice is everything! I have never had rice so good, at that quality, in such a large portion at that price ever. It came as a very big shock to me. I could not believe my eyes at all. The rice as tasty and very colourful. I absolutely loved it.

At first I was a bit disappointed about the chicken in brown sauce because I expected it to come in a hot plate but it didn’t. When I set my eyes on it, my perspective immediately changed. It looked so colourful and tastefully made, I immediately wanted to shove the whole plate in my throat. But I didn’t though (pictures first…lol). It was a combo of chicken pieces in broth and mixed vegetables. It tasted so good and it made an excellent pairing with the chopped special rice.

Plantain flour with Egusi & Chicken – N4,600

All my swallow lovers need to get in here because you’re going to wanna try this soon. It was my first time tasting plantain flour and it actually wasn’t that bad. It just masted like brown semo really. The sup on the other hand shocked me once again. It was such a large portion of soup, suitable to eat 3 wraps of swallow.

The soup cost N4,000 for a bowl and a wrap of plantain flour was N600. The soup had many components and you can obviously tell it was ice in nature. It had chicken, ponmo and dried fish as proteins in it. It was lovely and we had to take home the rest of it.

Chopped Jollof Rice & Peppered chicken – N4,500

The chopped Jollof rice cost N2,000 while the peppered chicken cost N2,500. Once again the PORTION guys! Its crazy how they sell this much rice at N2,000 and it tastes so good.

The chopped Jollof rice had some chicken bits in it and I swear to God I have never had basmati rice tasting like firewood party Jollof until I tried out this one. It was amazing! The rice hit the right Nigerian Jollof notes.

The peppered chicken was nice and tasty but it wasn’t juicy and tasty all the way to the inside. I feel like if it was marinated longer, it would have tasted much better.

Bistro style Pasta – N4,500

The birthday girl ordered the bistro style pasta so I didn’t really have much of it. You have n option to choose either penne or spaghetti, It has some mixed veggies, chicken bits and sausages. The pasta wasn’t overcooked and it also wasn’t dry. It was a bit moist. It tasted really good and my sister cleared her plate.


We had several beverages and water of course but only one Mocktail. I Ordered the Berry Delight for N2,500 and it was a big disappointment. Before ordering it, I asked the waiter what it was made up of so I would know what I was getting into and he told me it was a combination of 5alive berry blast, sugar syrup, lemon juice and Grenadine. What I was served was 5alive berry blast, ice and sugar topped with a piece of grape. The only thing nice about the drink was the grape. They used granulated sugar instead of sugar syrup and if you look into this image closely you can see the sugar settled at the bottom.

Anytime I take a sip, I can feel the sugar particles in my mouth and I was utterly disappointed. I wished I ordered a pack of 5alive instead.


General Review

Chopped Bistro is an excellent restaurant that sells authentic Nigerian food. They have a great space with really nice service. So far it is one of the best restaurants I have visited in terms of value for money. It is suitable for work/family gatherings. However, the really need toward on training their staff on making better drinks. I look forward to visiting again,

DISCLAIMER: This is not an ad and prices may be subject to future changes

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