Bombay 2 Beirut – B2B restaurant Abuja.

Hi guys! It has been a whole damn minute since we took a trip so here is a first class ticket to get on the foodie airline and let’s take a trip to India or is it Lebanon? Hmmm! I guess you’ll have to find out by scrolling down.

Bombay 2 Beirut is an exquisite fine dining, Mediterranean cuisine rooftop restaurant located at No 4, Cape Town street, zone 4, Wuse Abuja. It is located in a nice and serene environment. My visit to the restaurant was quite an experience and i’ll be sharing all the details below.


Bombay to Beirut is a rooftop restaurant as such it is accessible through an elevator. At the foremost entrance, there is an elevator and a chauffeur that ushers you in to the main restaurant. The chauffeur lists the sitting options available and then leads you to the sitting area of your choice. The available sitting areas are the indoor space and an outdoor sitting area which is directly linked to it and then the outdoor rooftop area which is on another floor entirely.

The indoor space is absolutely stunning! It is a very Morden/contemporary mix of India and Lebanon. Although the designs is very modern and exquisite, there are some unique cultural pieces put in place to really actualise the concept of a Mediterranean dinning experience. The indoor space is very spacious and can sit about 50+ people at once. The space is perfect for events, family dining and so much more. I honestly think it can be used for a mini wedding reception because the space is that nice and cozy.

Outdoor & Rooftop

The outdoor space is simply a breath of fresh air from the indoor space. For those who would like to dine outside or have a drink or smoke the outdoor space is great. It features a bar and grill where all the drinks served are made and the meat for the dishes are prepared.

The Rooftop space is almost like an independent place on its own. It is very private & chill. The offer drinks and shish options for customers and you can also have access to the food menu as well. The rooftop area is accessible through the elevator(which is most preferable) or an indoor staircase through the restaurant. The rooftop space really comes alive at night and becomes sort of a chill lunge area. It seems like the kind of place to host a fun rooftop party.

The menu

The restaurant menu is loaded with so many Mediterranean food options. They also have alcoholic, non alcoholic and shisha options. For an exquisite dining experience, the menu pricing is pretty affordable and the service that comes with it is impeccable.

To see the restaurants full menu, check out @bombay2beirut on Instagram.

Food and drinks

We had so much to eat, we could barely move after we were done eating. I went to the restaurant with some close members of my family and together we had; Lamb biryani, chicken biryani, shish tawouk, fettuccine Alfredo, special beef burger, chapman, freshly squeezed pineapple juice, water and ice cream for dessert.

Here’s a deep dive into the dishes I tried;

Lamb biryani – N4,500

I’m sorry to inform you but if you have visited B2B restaurant and you did not eat the lamb biryani then you have absolutely wasted your trip. The lamb Biryani is IT! I know a lot of People who are not from the Middle East may not be familiar with this dish so let me slow it down a bit, Biryani is a special rice dish mostly made with basmati rice, It has some rice and flavourful ingredients like cinnamon, cardamon, mint, cloves, onions, garlic and so much more.

It is a highly flavoured and delicious dish that I highly recommend at Mediterranean restaurants. The lamb biryani dish was perfect. It was served in a beautiful traditional copper brass serving bowl. The tastes and flavours were great and the lamb was vey tender and juicy. I loved every bit of it and I’ll definitely be going back for more.

Chicken Biryani – N4,500

Well, remember everything I said about the Lamb biryani? I feel the exact same way about the chicken biryani. You may be tempted to think its all the same dish but there was a slight difference in the tastes, I still can’t tell if different ingredients were used or it was just the distinct taste of the lamb but there was a difference. It tasted really really good as well but I definitely loved the lamb biryani more.

Fettuccine Alfredo – N4,800

My sister ordered the fettuccine Alfredo but she ended up not wanting to eat it after it came.I gladly devoured it because I love me some Alfredo pasta. The pasta was freshly made with the right rich ingredients. It was extremely creamy with a nice texture. It had some chicken and mushrooms in it which added to the tastiness of the dish.

Special beef Burger – N4,500

The special beef burger could use a better plating style to be honest. It comes with a side of fries and coleslaw. The fries and coleslaw were great as expected but the burger was lacking in so may areas. I mean it didn’t taste bad or anything but I would have expected that for a special beef burger it should be spectacular! The burger bread was ok but the content of the burger were not spectacular at all. It was a jus a beef patty, white onions, ketchup and spinach. It had no cheese, no mayo, mustard or any of the juicy burger ingredient. I didn’t expect to like it but I actually did even though I’d much rather prefer my burger sinfully juicy.

My question is this though, is this it a Mediterranean thing to make burgers this way?

Shish Tawouk – N5,000

The shish Tawouk was the last dish to be served so I didn’t really eat much of it. It’s like a grilled chicken dish served inside a tortilla bread with a side of pepper and humus. You also have a side choice of vegetable rice, fries and so much more. The chicken was soft and nice but could use a little more flavour in my opinion. It was almost bland. The rice was tasty and I loved that the vegetables were not overcooked. It paired greatly with the chicken.

Chapman – N2,400

The chapman was great, just like every other regular chapman. It was served in a medium sized glass which was ok for the price. I wish it was a bit cooler though.

Freshly Squeezed Pineapple juice – N2,400

The pineapple juice was fresh and tasty but not cold enough as well.

Total bill – NGN38,313(incl. VAT & Service charge)

General Review

The restaurant is veery welcoming and cozy. It is quite affordable for a fine dining spot and they definitely give you a worthwhile, contemporary Middle Eastern Dining experience. The restaurant staff are very professional and friendly and a a plus, if you’re having a birthday or anniversary celebration, you can go with your cake and enjoy it alongside dishes served in the restaurant without making prior reservations. I absolutely loved the dining experience and look forward to visiting again soon. (especially for the Lamb biryani rice).

Have you ever tried Mediterranean food before?

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