Lomo Coffee & Restaurant Jabi.

FINALLY! something for book lovers! Just kidding, it’s a place for everyone. Ok, maybe not everyone everyone if you know what I mean. Anyway, welcome to a hot new blog post of one of the coolest places in Jabi, Abuja. I have had my eye on Lomo coffee ever since the opened but I didn’t get a chance to visit until recently and as you know, I’m here to give you all the details.

Lomo coffee and restaurant is a cafe/restaurant located at No 107 Ebitu Ukiwe street, Jabi, Abuja, Nigeria. It is a unique spot that specialises in Indian, Italian and Chinese cuisines. It features quite a number of things but my favourite is the indoor space that gives you access to a free library. The library features a wide range of English and Chinese books, which I totally did not read, because I’m not a reader, lol. But i bet y’all will love it if you check it out. Lomo is more than just a restaurant, they also have their own coffee and chocolate factory. This blog post contains a detailed review of Lomo restaurant.


The restaurant ambience is PEACEFUL! You walk in and instantly feel calm and relaxed. It is almost like there is something in the air. The restaurant has an indoor and outdoor space. both spaces are quite big and can fit quite a number of people. The outdoor space is very calm and neat. It features a number fo plants and flowers which makes it a bit like an outdoor garden. The space on the other hand, is quite warm and beautifully lit. The bookshelf instantly stands out in the space hen you walk in, it is quite interesting. The furniture is simple yet very attractive. I loved the long wooden dinning table, It can fit about 8 people and is perfect for friend groups or family dining. The indoor space has a mini corner where they hold tea ceremonies, a bar where the drinks are made and a more private corner where you can read or dine if you prefer being on your own. The indoor space can fit about 30 people at once.

The restaurant space is not just perfect for dining, it is also great for book club meetings, study groups, paint and sip, as well as a barbecue party in the outdoor space.

The Menu

Phew! the restaurant menu is a lot! They have quite the variety of Chinese, Indian and Italian dishes. They also have a variety of cold and hot drinks. The menu pricing is in between pricey and affordable, pending what you are ordering off the menu. The restaurant budget is about N15,000 to N30,000 for two.


For my breakfast option, I had the American breakfast which cost N6,000. It comprised of grilled tomatoes, Mushrooms, sausage, ham or bacon, pancakes or toast bread, harsh brown potatoes and omelette. The breakfast was actually delightful. I enjoyed everything on my plate even though the tomatoes were not grilled as stated on the menu. The food was just nice to be honest, no wow factor but it wasn’t bad at all.

The breakfast options on the menu are only available in the morning. The restaurant doesn’t serve breakfast options once its noon.


For my lunch option I ordered the Pan fried Harissa chicken which came with steamed white rice. It cost N7,500. The Pan fried Harissa chicken was made with spicy marinated chicken in Harissa sauce. The chicken was served smoking hot! which was quite nice. Just like the breakfast meal I had, the Pan fried Harissa chicken was nice but it was also lacking the wow factor. It was just fried chicken in bell peppers and onion sauce.


For drink options, I had hot chocolate with my breakfast meal and it cost N2,100. Later on I tried out the Oreo milkshake which cost N3,800.

The hot chocolate wasn’t really all that, I had expected it to be very rich, thick and just giving all shades of goodness but it was really just ok.

The Oreo milkshake was heaven! Everything I expected. It was rich, creamy and sweet. It was one of the best Oreo milkshakes I’ve had, I loved it.

TOTAL BILL – NGN22,387 (including VAT and service charge)

General Review

Lomo coffee and restaurant is a very nice place to be. The environment is neat, beautiful and peaceful. From what I tried, the food is nice, but not really mind blowing if you ask me. I look foward to trying more dishes from their menu, maybe more Chinese food to see if I would be blown away by the food as much as I was blown by the ambience.

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