Welcome to My diary 2. O

OH MY GOD GUYS!!!!!! I’m so excited to be writing this you guys have no idea!


First off, thank you so much to each and every one of you for the show of love and affection towards me and my blog. It has been 2 wonderful years since my blog first launched as ‘a foodie’s diary’ and I couldn’t be more grateful for the life changing experiences and people I have met over the years. I have learnt so much and I really love sharing it with you all.
You might be wondering, oh my God why are we here with another intro 2 years later. Well! It’s because what you knew as ‘a foodie’s diary’ is transitioning into ‘diary of a soft babe’ which is bigger and better! I mean after all the love and enthusiasm on my former blog you guys definitely deserve MORE! and I’m here to give you just that.
Diary of a soft babe (formerly known as A foodie’s diary) is a food and lifestyle blog by me (Rukky Ambursa) which was birthed by a passion for curating food, travel and leisure experiences. The blog is aimed at creating a breath of fresh air from the daily hassles of being an adult. Diary of a soft babe will help you navigate how and where to find enjoyment based on my own personal experiences.
Basically, it’s the SOFT LIFE baby!
My new blog is more user friendly, structured and goal oriented. I have some exciting new blog features lined up and I’m excited to take you all on this journey. Here’s a sneak peak of what to expect from the Diary of a soft babe.


Diary of a soft babe is going to be maintaining all the awesomeness of a foodie’s diary while giving you a whole lot more. I’ll be introducing a brand new Restaurant Series with monthly issues of only the most exclusive restaurants in Abuja, a chance for brands Subscribe to monthly, quarterly or yearly to juicy content creation and advertisement offers, Interesting Lifestyle and Travel content and very juicy articles and curated Lists.
I can’t wait to share and experience all the exciting new stuff. Grab a strawberry Daiquiri loves, It’s going to be a fun ride!

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I am a food blogger, content Creator & entrepreneur.

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