Gusto Restaurant Abuja.

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Budget ; NGN20,000 – NGN25,000 per person

Gusto Restaurant is a fast growing restaurant Brand in Nigeria. They have launched restaurant Branches in Kano state, Lagos state and now Abuja Nigeria. The gusto restaurant is located at No 43 Ademola Adetokunbo Crescent Wuse Abuja. It in a central part of the city which is easily locatable with adequate and convinient Parking.


The restaurant features an indoor as well as an outdoor area which also has a bar for shisha and drinks. The outdoor space is a rooftop lounge with a cocktail/Mocktail bar area which gives you a view of the city. The outdoor area is relaxing but best enjoyable in the evenings or Night time. It is perfect for hangouts, unwinding and rooftop parties. The indoor space is quite the opposite of the outdoor space. It is a more formal, exquisitely designed space suitable for families, work colleagues, meetings as well as lunch & dinner dates. The space is classy, cozy and spacious. It features an open Kitchen and a private dinning area which is currently under the works.


The restaurant service is remarkable. The staff seem well trained, very polite and on top of their game. The food service was very quick. Our food came in 8-10mins which showed preparedness and dedication on the path of the restaurant chefs. I was quite impressed.


As a forward thinking innovative restaurant they do not have a physical menu, rather they have an online Menu which is accessible through a barcode that is available on each table. The menu features vegetarian and non vegetarian options which comprises of soups, hot & cold appetisers. main dishes, burgers, pizza and desserts. The restaurant features a wide variety of food options which are mainly Chinese, Asian and Italian dishes. The menu does not feature any local Nigerian dishes.

Click here to find the restaurant menu –

Food & Drinks

At the restaurant i tried a variety of food options and only a few drinks. All the dishes served were top notch in taste, quality and Presentation. The food portions were medium but satisfiable. My favourite dish was the Handmade fettuccine arabiata pasta with chicken and shrimps. It is a must have for every pasta lover in Abuja.

For the drinks, i tried only the pineapple juice and Amongst few babes mocktail. The pineapple juice was ok, while the mocktail really stood out for me. It was a special Passion fruit drink with a very sweet taste.

Rukky’s Side note

Gusto restaurant Abuja is one new restaurant that has left a mark on me. I love the restaurant ambience with much preference to the indoor space. The dishes may be expensive, but you will definitely get your money’s worth. I look forward to visiting again soon to try out more dishes on their menu and see if they keep up with their current opening standards.

Rating – ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

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