Oso Lounge and Bar Abuja.

Category: Casual dinning

Budget: NGN12,000 – NGN20,000 per person

Oso Lounge and Bar is an upscale, cozy and exclusive lounge located at No 141 Adetokunbo Ademola Crescent, Wuse 2, Abuja Nigeria. The lounge is usually open from 12:00pm to 2:30am on Tuesday’s to Saturday’s and is open for dine in’s and take out.


The lounge is situate in a small cozy space with an urban, contemporary style decor. It features the general lounge area and a bar. The space is beautiful but feels a bit rowdy in person, it is one that is better appreciated on screen than experienced in person. The lounge is an enclosed indoor space which is not very pleasant because of the smoking done within the space by customers. The space has no window ventilation and this is quite discomforting for dine in customers. The chairs and tables are not convenient for eating at all. A lot of thought and effort was put into making the space beautiful but not in its functionality. There is an evident effort to overly maximise a small space and I’m certain the space will be unbearable if there’s a large turn out of customers.

The Menu

The menu pricing is quite reasonable. It is considerate of diet preferences and informative about food content. The bar menu features a variety of high end wines, cocktails with only a few mocktails. The food menu is pretty confusing. As a lounge/bar I would have expected more finger foods and quick bites but instead they have a whole dinner menu and even a brunch menu. From the menu, you can instantly tell that there’s a general indecisiveness on whether they want the spot to be a restaurant or a nightlife lounge type of place.


The restaurant staff were welcoming and polite but exhibited a little confusion here and there. My drink was served really quickly and my food came in about 15 – 18minutes. My colleagues food on the other hand took about 2 hours to be served. She ended up having take out.

Food & Drinks

I wasn’t so hungry so I tried just a few dishes. I tried the smoked chicken quesadilla, spicy spaghetti meat balls. pulled beef and goat meat sliders. For drinks, I tried only the Oso grog and it was just fine.

The food was good. Every dish was flavourful. Although, the spaghetti was extremely spicy and the burger buns were stale and dry. The smoked chicken quesadilla really stood out for me and I enjoyed every bite.

Rukky’s Side note

Oso Lounge and bar is a nice spot with A lot of potential. For starters they need to decide what exactly they want! is it a restaurant? is it a bar? is it a mini club? It is honestly hard to tell because there are a lot of mixed vibes. My daytime experience at the lounge wasn’t spectacular, I doubt if I’d be returning anytime soon to dine in.

Rating – ⭐️⭐️

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