Coffee Bar Ng

Category: Casual dinning

Budget: NGN5,000 – NGN10,000

Coffee bar Ng is currently Abuja’s most picturesque cafe and it has been making a lot of headlines for a lot of coffee and aesthetic lovers. It is located at No 4 Kohorgo close, off Monrovia Street, Wuse 2, Abuja. The first and probably one of the most important things you need to know about coffee bar is that there is no accessible parking on the close. Pick ups and drop offs are allowed but Parking isn’t allowed on the close so if you have a car, the only accessible parking is on Kashim Ibrahim expressway Wuse 2. For car owners convenience, it is best to access the cafe through Kashim Ibrahim expressway Wuse 2.


The cafe space is absolutely stunning! It is located in a super serene neighbourhood. The entire space is very serene and relaxing both on the inside and outside. The indoor space has a minimalist, chic boho interior design and the outdoor space is a tad bit more earthy featuring flowers, stone and wood furniture. I am truly obsessed with the cafe design and how relaxing it is. The space is perfect for work, casual meetings, book club meetings and also a cute coffee date.

Although the space is strategically designed for a specific purpose there seem to be a lot of misconception stemming from the type of crowd I met at the place. There were seemingly a lot of people who lacked knowledge of understanding of a coffee bar or its purposes. All they wanted to do was get nice pictures for the gram and nothing else thereby making the place rowdy and unpleasant. It was quite sad to be honest, especially for those of us who genuinely wanted to enjoy the cafe and the goodies it had to offer.


The menu is small but very much adequate for a coffee bar. The prices are surprisingly very affordable and you will be getting your moneys worth in terms of portions. The prices are however exclusive of VAT and services charges.


I wouldn’t particularly call the customer service poor, but it is definitely lacking. The baristas although nice, are quite clueless about how a lot of things work. There is a general carefree behaviour they possess towards everything and they clearly do not know much about the menu or what it entails.

Food & Drink

So far i have tried the Frappuccino, mango and peach tea, strawberry and lime tea, plain croissant, coconut filled croissant and the smoked chicken sandwich (not all captured below). Unlike the Baristas, the chefs seem to have a better understanding of their job because everything that came from the kitchen was spot on delicious. I honestly can’t pick a favourite because I enjoyed everything. The smoked chicken sandwich was so delicious but very hard to eat. You have to carefully eat it in other not to make a mess.

The drinks were average. I expected more from a “coffee bar”.

Rukky’s side note

I genuinely feel like coffee Bar Ng is a cafe with a lot of potential but they are yet to get a hang of things yet. The food is great but the drinks still need a little touch up to perfection and the staff definitely need to undergo better training. My advice is, if you need coffee or a quick bite, grab a take out and go. The management also needs to work on making the space less rowdy or else it will chase a lot of customers away. I believe there’s room for improvement so there might be a part 2 to this post later in the year.

Rating – ⭐️⭐️⭐️

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