Tar Tar Restaurant Abuja

Category: Fine dinning

Budget: NGN15,000 – NGN20,000

Tar Tar Restaurant is one of Abuja’s remarkably designed fine dinning restaurants. It is located at No 5 Sortona Close, Wuse 2 Abuja Nigeria. It is one of the few Asian – African restaurants in the heart of Abuja. The restaurant is in a peaceful and private area with provision for limited parking.


Tar Tar has a very lovey ambience. The restaurant includes an indoor dinning space, an outdoor lounge area and a one of a kind tree house right above the outdoor space which is my favourite.

The indoor space is very cheerful, earthy and simple. I really love the indoor space design. Although it is small, it can fit a reasonable amount of people without looking rowdy.

The outdoor space is very relaxing. It is fitted with a lot of natural plants, trees and unique sheds. It is best enjoyed in the evenings and it is great for happy hour.

The tree house is a very private space above the outdoor space. It is very convenient for brunch, paint and sip, a romantic date, book club meetings, and proposals. It is my favourite space in the restaurant and you get a view of the restaurants outdoor lounge.


The food menu is true to the restaurants theme. It features diverse Asian and African dishes. The food and drink options are quite costly and in my opinion doesn’t match the food quality. The food menu offers vegetarian and non vegetarian options which is rather uncommon in Abuja restaurants.


The restaurant service is impeccable. They have well trained and well mannered staff. The restaurant is open to host mini events and they have an options of take out, dine in and delivery.

Food & Drinks

At Tar Tar, I had the Tar Tar seafood Okra with semo, small chops basket which was a Combo of puff puff, stick meat, vegetable spring rolls and samosas. For drinks I tried the mango and Kiwi daiquiri.

The small chops basket was moderately fresh, small in portion and overpriced. I neither loved it nor hated it but I certainly wasn’t excited about it. The seafood okra on the other hand was freshly made and nicely prepared although it was lacking the real Nigerian authentic taste.

I was so excited to try the daiquiris as it is not my usual order but my excitement died after I tasted the first one. The mango daiquiri was not made with actual mangos, just mango flavour, and it was extremely sweet. The kiwi daiquiri was very sweet as well but at least it had some traces of kiwi in it.

Rukky’s side note

Tar Tar is a nice restaurant, however I wasn’t as impressed and mind blown as I thought I would be when I visited. Tar Tar has the potential to be outstanding in food and service but it is unfortunately just another nice fine dining restaurant.

Rating – ⭐️⭐️⭐️

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