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More Than Your Average food blog!

Rukkyambursa.com is not just your regular food blog, it is an online diary of a food lover, spontaneous food experiences, touring the most exquisite and exciting food locations, and so much more.

I help capture the most amazing images of mouth watering dishes you’ll ever see.

Food photography

Restaurant reviews

Join me as i review some of the most exciting new restaurants locally and internationally. let me be your food guide!


This blog will contain a series of personally developed recipes and some of my favourite curated recipes ranging from vegetarian to non vegetarian recipes.

  • Bleu Café | wuse, Abuja.
    Bleu café is a nice cozy spot famously owned by Chef Ro (Umeeta Rabiu). It is a food and pastry cafe that sprung up during the Covid-19 Lockdown in 2020. It started off as an online cafe and eventually launched into a walk-in/sit down space. It was actually exciting and a proud moment to see […]
  • Papi grill – Restaurant, Coffee & Patisserie
    I’m back again with another new spot in Abuja! I know, i know, you all have been dying to read about a new spot and that’s why i’m here to give you just that! I found out about Papi grill through an instagram Ad and immediately i knew i had to visit and share all […]
  • The Milk shop & Agege Burger, Abuja.
    In my last blog post, i mentioned ‘sizzling hot new spot’. Well, this spot is one! The milk shop & Agege burger are two incredible food vendors that have existed for quite some time now. Agege Burger was an online food vendor that Launched back in 2020. The milk shop however existed before 2020 and […]
  • Cafe Flour, Abuja.
    Cafe flour is one of those old but gold places in Abuja. It is not one of the sizzling new hotspots because it has existed for a couple of years now but it definitely a place worth visiting. It is located at Cappador mall, opposite Yoruba mosque, Maitama Abuja, Nigeria. They offer a nice range […]
  • Pizza Hut, Wuse Abuja.
    If you’re a frequent reader of mine, you may have noticed i have been on a pizza roll lately. Galaxy pizza remains my favourite though, but as a food blogger i have to constantly try new places because i’m in search of the best of the bestest…lol. Anyway, in my pizza explorations i landed in […]

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