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More Than Your Average food blog!

Rukkyambursa.com is not just your regular food blog, it is an online diary of a food lover, spontaneous food experiences, touring the most exquisite and exciting food locations, and so much more.

Food photography

I help capture the most amazing images of mouth watering dishes you’ll ever see.

Restaurant reviews

Join me as i review some of the most exciting new restaurants locally and internationally. let me be your food guide!


This blog will contain a series of personally developed recipes and some of my favourite curated recipes ranging from vegetarian to non vegetarian recipes.

  • Taj Bistro, Abuja.
    Hello August! Welcome to my very first blog post for the month of August. I’m super excited for this one because I got to try out a restaurant that has been on my list for a while now and also catch up with a friend. I mean, talk about good vibes August am I right! […]
  • Hans and Rene Ice cream Now in Abuja!
    Have you heard? Well I’m sure you probably have because it has been a month or two! For those who are a bit late to the party, Hans and Rene is NOW in Abuja! Now I know some of you are probably excited to see this and some are like, what exactly is Hans and […]
  • VII(SEVEN) Bistro Restaurant & Bar, Abuja.
    VII (Seven) Bistro Restaurant and Bar is another Old but Gold spot in Abuja. It has been around for quite a while and i have heard so much about it but i had my first visit just recently. It is located at No 7 Kampala street Wuse, Federal Capital Territory, Nigeria. The restaurant and bar […]
  • Chopped Bistro, Wuse Abuja.
    I’m back again to plug you to another amazing spot because it’s back to back content season. Chopped Bistro has been on my list for so long, i’m so glad I got to check it out and I’m going to be sharing the details with you. Funny story yeah, I found out about chopped bistro […]
  • Hugs and Mugs cafe/restaurant Abuja.
    Hello dearest reader, Welcome to today’s episode of Abuja’s hidden gems. Today is definitely your lucky day because you get to experience something different & something new! Hugs and mugs cafe/restaurant is an incredible hidden gem i recently found in the city. Interestingly, it is in plain sight but no one ever really notices it. […]

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