Get access to 1 million + social media users through the help of influencer marketing at structured and affordable rates.

Enjoy 2 – 3 instalment payments on the 6 month and annual subscription offers.


The subscription offer which is exclusive to food and lifestyle brands has countless benefits, prominent of which are; Reaching a niche audience, increasing social media/google visibility and boosting sales.


My current social statistics over the last are; 2.8 Million views on Google maps, 100k monthly account reach on Instagram, 105k account reach on Tik Tok, and 102.5k website views.

Brand Partnerships

I have worked with several brands to help reach their target audience. Some of which include; Krispy Kreme, Sketch 3D restaurant, Dodo Pizza, Skin Therapy Beauty and spa, H & H continental restaurant, Gusto restaurant, Ródo and many others.

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