The Bubble tea shop Abuja

So, in my previous blog post I mentioned my next post would be about a hot new spot and here it is. (if you haven’t read it yet, go read it now!). Well, if I’m being absolutely honest, this is just one of many new spots I have in store for my followers. It is going to be back to back hot spots until the year ends!

The Bubble Tea Shop is located at the H & H food court,No 18 Blantyre street off Ademola Adetokunbo street, Wuse 2, Abuja Nigeria and it is open from 10am-7:30am on Monday’s to Saturday’s for now. The tea shop has actually been around for over a year now but at a different location. They just officially launched their new store on October 1st 2022. The tea shop specialises in Bubble tea and pastries only.

The tea shop is really beautiful, warm and cozy. The space is very adequately used and effectively fits its purpose. It is decorated with flowers, neon lights and has a mini sitting area and a service counter. The spot is mainly a grab and go spot. However, you can briefly sit and have your drink or share one with a friend. The space can fit a maximum of 6-7 people. The staff are very welcoming and friendly. They seem to also have adequate knowledge of what they serve which is really nice. The space is well lit and very insta friendly.

Initially, I wanted to have bubble tea and cinnamon rolls but the pastries were sold out for the day so I ordered the bubble tea only. I ordered the Regular Matcha milk tea and Small Chocolate Decadence Milk tea.

Regular Matcha milk tea NGN3,450

I chose the matcha milk tea because I wanted a taste of something different, normally I would play it safe and go for a more familiar flavour but I didn’t this time and I absolutely did not regret it. The matcha milk tea was made with matcha powder, milk and boba balls. It is the best matcha flavoured anything I have ever tried! It tasted almost like a matcha latte but better, it was like a tasty matcha milkshake. I absolutely enjoyed every bit of it. I savoured the entire cup until the last drop and I almost cried when it finished. I will definitely be going back for more. Now for more clarity, matcha is finely grounded powder gotten from green tea leaves. It has several health benefits and is also delicious, depending on your tastes. If you are not a fan of green tea, you probably wouldn’t enjoy this tea. If you’ve never tried matcha before and you’re open to try new things then I totally recommend this because you will enjoy it.

Small Chocolate Decadence Milk teaNGN3,050

My sister has had a couple of bad boba tea experiences so she decided to play it safe and order something with chocolate since it was our first time at the bubble tea shop. She opted for a small cup as you can see, which she later regretted of course because the tea was so freaking good. It was rich in texture, very creamy and adequately sweet. It was chocolatey but without doing too much. The tea was an absolute delight and it will definitely make it to my favourites list.

The Menu

This is the full and current menu at the tea shop, it is very affordable and I definitely think you get value for your money. They have quite the variety of milk teas and also fruit teas for my very lactose intolerant people and also people who would just like something different. The best thing about the menu is that it gives you options. You can choose to add toppings/boba and you also choose the kind of boba balls you want for your tea.

TOTAL BILL – NGN6,500 (No VAT or service charge)

General Review

The bubble tea shop is definitely a great spot. It is a total 10 if you ask me. Great tea, good service, nice ambience, lovely packaging, peaceful environment, pastries to go and it is very pocket friendly. There aren’t a lot of tea shops in Abuja. This is one of the few and they’ve got everything spot on! I’m definitely going to become a regular at the tea shop because it is accessible and affordable. I look forward to trying more bubble tea flavours.

If you have ever tried out anything from the bubble the shop, do share your opinion.

Tea charme – My first bubble tea experience

For those who do not already know, bubble tea is a special kind of tea/drink that has its origin from Taiwan. It is made with boba balls, which can also be called tapioca balls. The boba balls are kind of soft and chewy in nature. Now as a Nigerian local who has never been to Taiwan before, I obviously have never tried it before. However, I’ve had tapioca a number of times before. I have always fancied bubble tea but I never really knew where to get it because I obviously wasn’t going to Taiwan anytime soon and Nigeria is nowhere near Taiwan. Luckily for me there have been some improvements with different food franchises coming to Abuja. Restaurants now are more focused on bringing in something new/foreign to customers so there’s a lot of room to try out different cuisines other than what we are already used to here.

I have actually noticed a growing number of bubble tea vendors here in Abuja (which I’ll definitely be trying out soon). I decided to try tea charme first because I just kinda felt like it would be coming from an authentic Taiwanese source and not just someone trying to Mimic something they’ve had. Although it might actually be the case but I really don’t think so.

Tea charme is a cute little take out tea shop that not only sells bubble tea but also coffee, drinks and ice cream. As a take out spot, there is obviously no sitting area. I would have honestly preferred it if they had like a little space where you can sit and wait for your order most especially because of the sun. Your only options if you have to wait are; sitting in your car, standing for as long as it takes for your order to get ready or climbing up to the charme restaurant upstairs which in my opinion is not very wise because there’s no means of knowing if your order is ready.

Their menu is quite big for a small take out shop, but I love the fact that it gives you a variety of options including non-dairy options.

What does bubble tea taste like?

Well, to answer the question we’ve all been dying to know, It tastes like a nice milkshake with boba in it. I ordered the medium sized chocolate dirty tea (because when I’m not sure I go with the safest, most delicious option – CHOCOLATE!) It cost NGN2,300. I initially wanted to order the milk bubble it but someone said it wasn’t rich and creamy enough.

The chocolate dirty tea was honestly delicious! I wanted to finish it in a single sip. It was very rich and creamy. I got carried away sipping and forgot about the boba at the bottom of the cup so when a single bubble slipped into my mouth I almost screamed that there was a giant bug in my tea but the it was chewy so I immediately remembered what I was having. The boba at the bottom if the tea were not too soft and sticky neither were they hard to chew. I must add though, that I do not think the boba adds any special kind of flavour to the tea. I think its just there for chewy purposes.

I definitely loved it, and I can’t wait to try out more flavours and most probably more vendors too.