Maishayi coffee Roasters Abuja

Phew! 2022 has been a Rollercoaster but we made it to December and I’m so proud of you. Pat yourself on the back and grab a drink to celebrate because you deserve it. Also, all that money you’ve been saving all year long, SPEND IT!! (Disclaimer: this is not the best financial advice. However, it is the best enjoyment advice) and this blog promotes enjoyment only!

Now, to the business of the day. Here’s a spot worthy of spending all your savings on. A little over priced, but worth it. Trust me! Maishayi Coffee has been on my list for a very long time. I prayed and wished they would open a branch in Abuja and they finally did. Unfortunately, I didn’t get to visit immediately they opened until now.

Maishayi coffee Roasters is located at No 84 Kwame Nkrumah, Asokoro Abuja, Nigeria. I must admit, it is not in a very Obvious spot so you have to look very carefully not to loose your way if you are using google map. It is hidden in a very big compound so even if you do make your way into the compound you have to look closely to find it. I circled the street about 3 times before I found it. The area is quite residential and there’s no obvious sign outside indicating where it is. When I visited the restaurant I had my laptop in my bag and I was immediately cautioned at the door by one of the waitresses that laptops were not allowed in the restaurant, they even had a sign at the door. I was quite annoyed after this because I had purposely come with my laptop to create content and that immediately threw my plan out the window. I already came to a conclusion that I would not be having the best time there because my day was already off to a bad start. I’m so glad I was proven wrong because my visit to Maishayi was nothing short of spectacular. It was one I have not quite experienced before. The staff exhibited such love, dedication and knowledge about coffee and the establishment. It was beautiful.

We were attended to by Ken, one of the best waiter’s/barista’s that have attended to me in all my time of visiting restaurants. He was extremely polite, patient and courteous. He first welcomed us to the restaurant then presented us with the menu, after which gave us some time to place our order. When we finished ordering, he took us through an entire coffee journey. We got to experience different coffee brewing styles, learn about coffee types and their origins. We even got to see raw coffee before roasting and afterwards. The whole service made me feel at home. I finally felt like I belonged in the coffee lovers association. It was such an incredible feeling!


The restaurant ambience is warm and welcoming. If you’re a lover of dark themed interior you will definitely love this place. The restaurant is small and cannot sit up to 20 people at once. Its sitting capacity is about 10-15. Luckily, it is in a hidden area so you’re not likely to meet a lot of people there. This means you can peacefully enjoy your dining experience. One of the things that really stood out for me in the space were the unique tables. The tables at the restaurant were made of wood and glass which interestingly has actual roasted coffee beans in them. I admire the creativity.

At the restaurant, they had different coffee displays and equipments for sale. They also a private room where coffee where coffee is being roasted. Fortunately, we got a tour of the coffee roasting room and a sneak peak of how the process is carried out.

The Menu

The restaurant menu is not large but it features a number of options. They mainly serve breakfast options and main dishes. They also have a variety of drinks, especially COFFEE! For some reason I did not expect them to have cocktails and shots but they did. The restaurant is in-between expensive and affordable. I found the drinks most affordable. As for the food, I think it is unnecessarily overpriced. The food menu comprised of some Northern Nigerian dishes and also some foreign meals. If you are familiar with northern Nigerian food you will know that Masa and Tuwo are two local dishes very common to that area. Normally, a single piece of masa goes for about N20 – N200 with complimentary soup. On this menu a single piece of masa goes for N1,000 and a complete masa dish with soup costs N11,000 Which is unnecessarily outrageous if you ask me.

Food & Coffee

Visiting Maishayi coffee I had my mind fixated on one thing and one thing only, MASA! The reason is because it is OVERPRICED! So you know, I thought to myself maybe it is really good or there’s some spectacular element that makes it so expensive. Also, there were little tweaks here and here to redefine masa, like the masa burger and sandwich, so I just had to try it! I ordered the masa burger meal with a side of French fries and a cup of Hazelnut latte. Hadiza ( had chicken breast and potato wedges with a side of sautéed vegetables. She also had a glass of orange juice and affogato coffee.

Masa Burger – N8,000 + French fries – N2,500

After the masa burger was served, it was the moment of truth! It was a colourful plate very appealing to the eyes. It looked like a typical burger meal but instead of bread bun, it was masa. I mean I have to give it to them. It is a creative idea and I like that they didn’t approach it with mediocrity. The chef went all out to perfect it and he/she nailed it. It totally looked and tasted like an actual burger. The masa burger was made with a beef patty, sunny side up egg and cheese. The burger was served with chips, ketchup, tomatoes, lettuce, onions and a mayo dip.

The masa bun was soft, fluffy and with a had a smooth texture. The masa was made with little sugar so the salt in it was a bit more prominent (it wasn’t salty though) It was alright. The masa burger was quite big, so it was difficult to pick up and fit in all in my mouth like a normal burger so I dissected it and ate it with a fork and knife. The beef patty in the masa burger was a bit hard and not too juicy. When eaten together with the mayo dip, the masa burger is way more delicious!

Summarily, I would say the masa burger was not bad. It is a brilliant approach to making and enjoying masa. However, I really do not think it is necessary. Some dishes are better enjoyed as they are. Masa is not just any dish, it is a traditional meal that should be made and served just as it is without trying to westernise it. Westernising such a dish may be creative but it misplaces it’s originality.

Chicken breast, sautéed vegetables with potato wedges – N8,500

Hadiza couldn’t have had a more perfect plate. I noticed that the chef(s) at the restaurant have a way with plating, which is amazing because they make every dish look scintillating. Everything on the plate was perfectly made. Perfect seasoning, Perfect texture, Perfect flavours and Perfect colours. I enjoyed every bite I took from the plate.

Affogato coffee – N3,500

The Affogato coffee was the star of Hadiza’s visit. You know how I had masa on my mind? That’s the same way Hadiza wanted this coffee. Before my visit to Maishayi coffee I had never heard of it or even seen it before so it was quite interesting to me. It is basically Vanilla ice cream topped with caramel sauce with a shot of espresso on the side. The thing is, you pour the shot of hot espresso over the ice cream and it melts into one of the most amazing coffee combos you will ever try. The clash of hot & cold is truly divine and the taste and flavours will leave you speechless! I loved the affogato so much, I almost ordered another cup but there was no more space in my stomach for it. I will definitely be going back for it.

Hazelnut Latte – N2,890

I have tried hazelnut a number of times and I like it so I decided it will be a good choice to have Hazelnut latte because it was the only seemingly different latte on the menu. My latte was made with hazelnut syrup, milk and expresso. It was made by a very nice Kenyan Barista named Betty. She took us through the coffee making process and we got to watch her make the beautiful pattern on the face of the coffee. I enjoyed the latte a lot and I’m glad I chose it.

TOTAL BILL – NGN29,700 (including VAT & service charge)

General Review

My experience at Maishayi coffee roasters was very enlightening. It is not just a regular step out and dine kind of place. It is so much more. You get free knowledge about coffee, dining in a serene environment and good food. It is truly a coffee lovers haven and it has indeed earned its title. It is one of its kind in Abuja and definitely worth every penny and every minute spent.

There are some rumours that the restaurant may be changing to a new and more accessible location. I can’t wait to see if it’s true. If it turns out to be true, you already know there’ll be a part 2 to this blog post.

Tulip Bistro Abuja – Out with the old and in with the new!

Mirror mirror on the wall, where is the fanciest restaurant of them all? Tulip Bistro? hmmm, I do not think so! But you’re about to find out for yourself. Hi guys, Welcome to my very first (procrastinated) blog post of the month. As usual, I have all the juicy detailed jist about your favourite spots and today I’m back with Abuja’s Elite favourite, Tulip Bistro!

Tulip Bistro is one of Abuja’s old gems. The restaurant has existed for almost a decade or more and it is no secret that it has always been an elite favourite since day one. The restaurant was formerly located at No 7 Atakpame street abuja. Recently they had a total revamp/rebreand and relocated to a 141Ademola Adetokunbo crescent, Wuse 904101, Abuja Nigeria. The restaurant rebirth was actually beautiful to witness. The restaurant team definitely made a recognisable effort in improving not just the restaurant image but the brand as a whole. They relaunched a whole new space, menu and even staff.

I recently got the opportunity to check out the NEW Tulip Bistro and I will be sharing the details of my experience below.


The restaurant features an indoor and outdoor rooftop spaces. The restaurant is located on the top floor of the building so there is an elevator access as well as a stair access as well. The indoor and outdoor spaces of the restaurant are very distinct and not directly connected which I find a bit weird but here’s a look at both spaces at the restaurant.

Indoor space

The indoor space is quite eye catching. It is very bright, spacious and modern. The restaurant space is very aesthetically pleasing and looks really really good on camera. However in reality, I did not find it as appealing as I did on camera. There was really a lot going on with the space, There were a lot of beautiful and unique pieces fused into the interior of the space but they just weren’t connecting. This made it feel like just a very open space with a Bunch of stuff thereby making the ambience seemingly rowdy and not very exquisite for fine dining. The indoor space features a bar and can fit a totality of 50 people or more.

Outdoor space

On the other side of the indoor space is the beautiful rooftop outdoor space, Preceding the outdoor space is a small lobby that allows access to the space as well as the beautiful restrooms. The Looby is very exquisite and beautiful, It has a very homey feel to it. The outdoor space is absolutely beautiful and very relaxing. It is beautifully designed with comfy contemporary seats and tables and beautiful plants that give the outdoor space an elevated feel of nature.

The outdoor space is quite spacious and can fit up to 20 people. It is very chill and less intense than the indoor space. It is a good spot to unwind and hang out with friends.

The menu

The restaurant menu is not too small and not too big. It is just right. It features all international dishes from starters to dessert. The menu pricing is quite high so it requires more than the average restaurant budget if you choose to dine here. The restaurant budget is about N15,000 – N25,000 per person depending on your choice of food.

Food and Drinks

We had quite a lot to eat to be honest because I definitely couldn’t move comfortably after my meal. My intention was to have a 3 course meal at restaurant so I could have the full tulip experience but after the main course I had no option but to stop. For starters we had the Philly cheese roll and charcoal wings. We subsequently had chicken Caesar salad, oriental chicken, spaghetti Bolognaise and chicken Louisiana. I tried everything except the spaghetti bolognaise. It was plated really nice though.


For starters we had the Philly cheese roll and charcoal wings. The cheese roll cost N5,000 for 3pcs and the charcoal wings cost N4,500 for 3pcs as well. I did not get a picture of the Philly cheese roll but it was very good! I loved it. They were very generous with the filling of the roll and the wrap wasn’t thick so you can adequately enjoy the deliciousness of the roll. It is really a great starter and very satisfying too.

Charcoal wings – N4,500

The charcoal wings tasted much like bbq wings to me. The wings were very juicy and big in sizes. I totally enjoyed it and I recommend it as a great meal starter.

Chicken Caesar salad – N6,500

I ordered the chicken Caesar salad because I’ve heard so much about it. Almost everyone who has visited Tulip bistro has recommended this salad so of course it was the first thing I ordered. The chicken Caesar salad was a mixed bowl of delicious ingredients like lettuce, croutons, grilled chicken, parmesan and apple slices. The salad came with a delicious salad dressing. The salad portion was quite adequate, so much that after I devoured the bowl of salad I found it hard eating anything else. The salad was really delicious and meets up to its hype. The salad was crunchy, flavourful and satisfying. It is also quite affordable for its wholesome content.

Oriental Chicken – N15,000

The oriental chicken is a STUNNER! No really, I was stunned when approached with it. I never expected it come in such a large portion. I mean, most fine dining restaurants have a habit of serving food in very small quantities so i expected same in this instance but to my surprise this was different. It was a grilled boneless chicken served on top oriental rice. The oriental chicken also came with beef broth on the side. The chicken was SUPERB! It was very tender and tasty to the last bit of it. The chicken cuts right through, that’s how soft it was. It tasted like it was marinated for a while so every bit of it was tasty and juicy. They were really heavy on garlic while spicing the chicken and I absolutely love it. It is hands down one of the tastiest grilled chicken I have ever had.

The rice on the other hand was giving off biryani vibes because it had a lot of spice and ingredients. It had a cinnamon and cardamon taste. The rice also had minced meat and some nuts mixed in it. The minced meat made it more unique and enjoyable to eat. The nuts gave the meal a crunch and I liked that, I always enjoy a little bit of crunch in every meal. My only problem with the rice is that it was little bit dry. I would have preferred it with a little more moisture.

The beef broth that came with the oriental chicken was an absolute no for me. I hated it. It had a tamarind-ish flavour and it just tasted bad to me. I didn’t even go further after the first taste. I just tossed it aside.

Chicken Louisiana – N9,000

My sister ordered the chicken Louisiana and I just took a couple of bites from it. The pasta was beautifully plated and packed with deliciousness. The pasta was rich, creamy and had a satisfying portion. If you’re a creamy pasta lover, the chicken Louisiana is definitely worth the try.


For drinks, I had the tropical twist and because my sister is a copy cat, she had the same thing too. before I dive into the taste of the drink, I must actually commend how cheap the drinks at the restaurant are. The price range of the drinks is from N1,000 – N4,000 which is very affordable. I also noticed that there is no alcohol on the drinks menu. Just hot, cold and soft drinks.

The tropical twist cost N4,000 each. The drink was made up of mainly pineapple, ginger and mint syrup. The drink was pretty decent. The syrup was really sweet so it blended well with the sour taste of the pineapple. I wouldn’t particularly call it a tropical drink, but it was quite nice.

TOTAL BILL – NGN65,868 (including 12% service charge)


Tulip Bistro is indeed an upscale restaurant and indeed quite fancy. It might just take the title of ‘the fanciest of them all’. Their oriental international fusion dishes, upper class ambience and good service will have you wanting to visit again. It is a great spot for fancy dates, proposals, business meetings, family time, small events and also hanging out with friends.

Lomo Coffee & Restaurant Jabi.

FINALLY! something for book lovers! Just kidding, it’s a place for everyone. Ok, maybe not everyone everyone if you know what I mean. Anyway, welcome to a hot new blog post of one of the coolest places in Jabi, Abuja. I have had my eye on Lomo coffee ever since the opened but I didn’t get a chance to visit until recently and as you know, I’m here to give you all the details.

Lomo coffee and restaurant is a cafe/restaurant located at No 107 Ebitu Ukiwe street, Jabi, Abuja, Nigeria. It is a unique spot that specialises in Indian, Italian and Chinese cuisines. It features quite a number of things but my favourite is the indoor space that gives you access to a free library. The library features a wide range of English and Chinese books, which I totally did not read, because I’m not a reader, lol. But i bet y’all will love it if you check it out. Lomo is more than just a restaurant, they also have their own coffee and chocolate factory. This blog post contains a detailed review of Lomo restaurant.


The restaurant ambience is PEACEFUL! You walk in and instantly feel calm and relaxed. It is almost like there is something in the air. The restaurant has an indoor and outdoor space. both spaces are quite big and can fit quite a number of people. The outdoor space is very calm and neat. It features a number fo plants and flowers which makes it a bit like an outdoor garden. The space on the other hand, is quite warm and beautifully lit. The bookshelf instantly stands out in the space hen you walk in, it is quite interesting. The furniture is simple yet very attractive. I loved the long wooden dinning table, It can fit about 8 people and is perfect for friend groups or family dining. The indoor space has a mini corner where they hold tea ceremonies, a bar where the drinks are made and a more private corner where you can read or dine if you prefer being on your own. The indoor space can fit about 30 people at once.

The restaurant space is not just perfect for dining, it is also great for book club meetings, study groups, paint and sip, as well as a barbecue party in the outdoor space.

The Menu

Phew! the restaurant menu is a lot! They have quite the variety of Chinese, Indian and Italian dishes. They also have a variety of cold and hot drinks. The menu pricing is in between pricey and affordable, pending what you are ordering off the menu. The restaurant budget is about N15,000 to N30,000 for two.


For my breakfast option, I had the American breakfast which cost N6,000. It comprised of grilled tomatoes, Mushrooms, sausage, ham or bacon, pancakes or toast bread, harsh brown potatoes and omelette. The breakfast was actually delightful. I enjoyed everything on my plate even though the tomatoes were not grilled as stated on the menu. The food was just nice to be honest, no wow factor but it wasn’t bad at all.

The breakfast options on the menu are only available in the morning. The restaurant doesn’t serve breakfast options once its noon.


For my lunch option I ordered the Pan fried Harissa chicken which came with steamed white rice. It cost N7,500. The Pan fried Harissa chicken was made with spicy marinated chicken in Harissa sauce. The chicken was served smoking hot! which was quite nice. Just like the breakfast meal I had, the Pan fried Harissa chicken was nice but it was also lacking the wow factor. It was just fried chicken in bell peppers and onion sauce.


For drink options, I had hot chocolate with my breakfast meal and it cost N2,100. Later on I tried out the Oreo milkshake which cost N3,800.

The hot chocolate wasn’t really all that, I had expected it to be very rich, thick and just giving all shades of goodness but it was really just ok.

The Oreo milkshake was heaven! Everything I expected. It was rich, creamy and sweet. It was one of the best Oreo milkshakes I’ve had, I loved it.

TOTAL BILL – NGN22,387 (including VAT and service charge)

General Review

Lomo coffee and restaurant is a very nice place to be. The environment is neat, beautiful and peaceful. From what I tried, the food is nice, but not really mind blowing if you ask me. I look foward to trying more dishes from their menu, maybe more Chinese food to see if I would be blown away by the food as much as I was blown by the ambience.

RÓDO – A contemporary African Dining experience

HELLO WORLD! I feel like a dramatic intro is necessary for this blog post because it has been over a month since my last post and I know, I know, You all have dearly missed me and there hasn’t been any spice in your lives since I left but I promise I’m back now, and I mean, what kind of person would I be if I do not come back with gifts? So I came back with something BIG! That’s right! A brand new restaurant opening in Abuja. One you haven’t experienced before.

Let’s take a deep dive!

RÓDO is short for Ataródo which means pepper and let me just give y’all the heads up, they really came to pepper Abuja with a unique and creative dining experience. The restaurant is located at No 19 Kolda Link, Wuse 2, off Ademola Adetokunbo, Abuja, Nigeria. The restaurant is currently running a soft launch, but will be officially open on the 15th of October 2022.


The restaurant ambience is Amazing! The restaurant is extremely neat and peaceful. The restaurant is quite spacious as well. It features a lobby, main restaurant space downstairs and a longue/bar upstairs. Both spaces are so convenient that they can be perceived as individual restaurants. The one thing all the spaces share in common is the unique and artistic interior designs. The restaurant in general is very warm and cozy. The entirety of the space really embodies the theme ‘NEW AGE AFRICA’. The restaurant design has a lot of artistic African pieces from the wooden furniture, to the woven lights & and chairs, the murals on the wall, the paintings and even the plates in which the food is served. All the creative and traditional pieces are finely put together to achieve a really contemporary, yet relatable space. I like how there is so much attention to detail in each space. Each space you walk in to is so beautiful, including the restrooms. I especially love the restrooms upstairs, the mural on the wall is simply one of the most beautiful I have ever seen. The hallway before getting to the restroom upstairs is also really beautiful.

I love every bit of the space!


Let’s get down to business a little bit. THE MENU… Now I’m just gonna go ahead and tell you that this is not your usual menu. It is sophisticated! From the dishes, to the ingredients to the pricing, everything is different. If you’re the type to just go to a restaurant and just pick the usual go-to basic things then you may spend a little longer starring at this menu.

My favourite thing about the menu is that all the dishes and drinks are all familiar and Nigerian/African inspired. The menu pricing is actually very fair in my opinion considering the quality of service and standard of the restaurant to be honest. The restaurant budget is about N15,000 – N20,000 per person depending on what you’re having.

Now, this paragraph is for my fellow village people. If you’re not a villager please skip this. So, you might be tempted to ask, where is the price on the menu? Ladies and gents it’s right there! The figures you see that look like unit points are actually prices. I’m adding this because not a lot of people know this. I mean the usual pattern is for the prices to be written in the basic way i.e (N2,500) but on the Ródo menu, it is written as 2.5. Take note and do not embarrass your family members…lol.

The menu below is a soft opening menu, the full menu will be updated when the restaurant finally opens. Check out @rodoabuja on instagram.


The restaurant bar serves a variety of cocktails and mocktails, so there’s something for everyone. As you may have noticed, I don’t drink so I tried mocktails only. So if you visit Ródo Abuja and try out their cocktails be kind enough to share your thoughts.

I tried out the zobo iced tea and sweet dream from the mocktail menu and here are my thoughts;

Zobo Iced tea – NGN3,500

For those who may not be aware, zobo tea is Hibiscus tea. It is made from hibiscus plants and other special herbs and tea spices. I really love the concept of zobo iced tea to be honest. It’s giving iced coffee but make It African vibes. Now before any of your twisted Nigerian minds think, is it not ‘a cold zobo?’ No my dear, it is not ‘a cold zobo it is actually authentic zobo iced tea.

It was a very, chilled and satisfying drink. Once again, I love how creative the restaurant is with everything on the menu. I mean everything is just unique in its own way.

If you’re not a fan of zobo, you can also alternatively have strawberry, peach or passion fruit iced tea.

Sweet dream – NGN4,200

The sweet dream mocktail is a combo of watermelon, bubblegum syrup, sweet and sour mix, and pineapple. It was served in a margarita glass which I looooooved! I have never been served a mocktail in a margarita glass before so pardon my excitement. I was really happy and it made me feel really fancy.

It is the best mocktail I have ever had in a restaurant. It was worth every sip! The downside to it was the portion. The drink portion wasn’t really much and I was slightly pained because I would not really mind having a 1 litre jug of it. The drink was honestly very soothing.

The food

You know what they say, always save the best for last! After reading all the nice things about Ródo I’m sure you are dying to know, IS THE FOOD NICE???? The answer is YES! The food is really nice. After all I ate, I had to take about 5 minutes to myself and think, what just happened to me? I just ate the most regular Nigerian dishes served and cooked in the most creative way possible. A girl was shocked, and quite frankly impressed. For my starter dish I had the sinasir chicken tacos, followed by the Ródo claypot and Agege apple pie French toast.

Before you go on to read all about the details of the yummy food I had, just know that if you’re the type to eat fufu for breakfast, lunch and dinner, this restaurant is probably not for you. In simple terms, you no go belleful. It is a contemporary African restaurant not a Bukka, so the dishes served a made to fit a particular standard which is actually exceptional in my opinion. Generally, there’s a notion that for something to be fancy, it has to be foreign or something like that which is false. Ródo dishes simply refines your conceptualisation of Nigerian food. The dishes still maintain originality, yet presented contemporarily.

Ródo claypot – NGN8,000

Ródo claypot is a coconut jollof rice, sweet chili chicken, plantain and coleslaw dish. It is served in a unique ceramic claypot. It was a very colourful meal and the portion was quite much. The jollof rice was made with long grain rice and it was quite tasty. It had all the key authentic Nigerian jollof ingredients so it was a hit. Although the rice was nice, I still felt it could use a little more moisture because it was a bit dry. The sweet chili chicken was perfect! It was tender, juicy and tastefully spiced. What really got me surprisingly was the plantain. It was not grilled or boiled and I’m not quite sure if it was fried or not. It tasted perfectly done both in and out but it didn’t look fried, I kept thinking to myself how it was made?

Sinasir chicken tacos – NGN5,000

I was most excited about this dish, because as a Northern Nigerian, I am very familiar with Sinasir but never have I ever seen it quite like it was presented at Ródo. When I saw it on the menu, I was like Sinasir Tacos? nahhhh! I definitely have to try this. Sinasir are basically panckes but made from rice and not flour. On the menu, it is paired with pulled chicken, jalapeños, plantain, slaw and chili jam. It was Incredibly delicious! This was it! This was the dish that blew me off. I absolutely fell in love with it. The pulled chicken was tender and very very juicy, the plantain and slaw added to the tacos added a sweet taste that complimented it. I have never eaten something so perfect and satisfying. The sinasir tacos comes in 3 bite sizes and is very adequate for a starter. 

Agege apple pie French toast – NGN4,000

For dessert, I had the agege apple pie French toast. I have had agege French toast before but not quite like this. This one was topped with caramelised apples, chin chin dust and vanilla ice cream. The dessert was not too sweet but it was delicious. The caramelised apples were really tasty and was the highlight of my dessert.

Total bill – NGN29,812 (including VAT & service charge)

General Review

Ródo Abuja is certainly here to break barriers in Abuja city. It is a nice contemporary African restaurant that showcases African cuisines in the finest way. It is one of the few of it’s kind in Abuja and it is truly exciting and impressive. Most recently, the restaurants opening up in Abuja are nothing but aesthetics with mediocre food and services. The restaurant owners mostly do not have any prior restaurant or food knowledge at all and the rate of this is really escalating, its honestly disappointing and starting to get annoying. It is really exciting to see that something otherwise is coming up and I’m so glad I got to be one of the first people to experience it and share all the exclusive details with you guys. I sincerely hope they are able to keep up with their starting standards and creativity.

If you visit the restaurant please do not hesitate to share, I look forward to reading all about your Ródo experiences. 

See y’all on my next blog post! Rumour has it, it is another exclusive new spot. 

Bombay 2 Beirut – B2B restaurant Abuja.

Hi guys! It has been a whole damn minute since we took a trip so here is a first class ticket to get on the foodie airline and let’s take a trip to India or is it Lebanon? Hmmm! I guess you’ll have to find out by scrolling down.

Bombay 2 Beirut is an exquisite fine dining, Mediterranean cuisine rooftop restaurant located at No 4, Cape Town street, zone 4, Wuse Abuja. It is located in a nice and serene environment. My visit to the restaurant was quite an experience and i’ll be sharing all the details below.


Bombay to Beirut is a rooftop restaurant as such it is accessible through an elevator. At the foremost entrance, there is an elevator and a chauffeur that ushers you in to the main restaurant. The chauffeur lists the sitting options available and then leads you to the sitting area of your choice. The available sitting areas are the indoor space and an outdoor sitting area which is directly linked to it and then the outdoor rooftop area which is on another floor entirely.

The indoor space is absolutely stunning! It is a very Morden/contemporary mix of India and Lebanon. Although the designs is very modern and exquisite, there are some unique cultural pieces put in place to really actualise the concept of a Mediterranean dinning experience. The indoor space is very spacious and can sit about 50+ people at once. The space is perfect for events, family dining and so much more. I honestly think it can be used for a mini wedding reception because the space is that nice and cozy.

Outdoor & Rooftop

The outdoor space is simply a breath of fresh air from the indoor space. For those who would like to dine outside or have a drink or smoke the outdoor space is great. It features a bar and grill where all the drinks served are made and the meat for the dishes are prepared.

The Rooftop space is almost like an independent place on its own. It is very private & chill. The offer drinks and shish options for customers and you can also have access to the food menu as well. The rooftop area is accessible through the elevator(which is most preferable) or an indoor staircase through the restaurant. The rooftop space really comes alive at night and becomes sort of a chill lunge area. It seems like the kind of place to host a fun rooftop party.

The menu

The restaurant menu is loaded with so many Mediterranean food options. They also have alcoholic, non alcoholic and shisha options. For an exquisite dining experience, the menu pricing is pretty affordable and the service that comes with it is impeccable.

To see the restaurants full menu, check out @bombay2beirut on Instagram.

Food and drinks

We had so much to eat, we could barely move after we were done eating. I went to the restaurant with some close members of my family and together we had; Lamb biryani, chicken biryani, shish tawouk, fettuccine Alfredo, special beef burger, chapman, freshly squeezed pineapple juice, water and ice cream for dessert.

Here’s a deep dive into the dishes I tried;

Lamb biryani – N4,500

I’m sorry to inform you but if you have visited B2B restaurant and you did not eat the lamb biryani then you have absolutely wasted your trip. The lamb Biryani is IT! I know a lot of People who are not from the Middle East may not be familiar with this dish so let me slow it down a bit, Biryani is a special rice dish mostly made with basmati rice, It has some rice and flavourful ingredients like cinnamon, cardamon, mint, cloves, onions, garlic and so much more.

It is a highly flavoured and delicious dish that I highly recommend at Mediterranean restaurants. The lamb biryani dish was perfect. It was served in a beautiful traditional copper brass serving bowl. The tastes and flavours were great and the lamb was vey tender and juicy. I loved every bit of it and I’ll definitely be going back for more.

Chicken Biryani – N4,500

Well, remember everything I said about the Lamb biryani? I feel the exact same way about the chicken biryani. You may be tempted to think its all the same dish but there was a slight difference in the tastes, I still can’t tell if different ingredients were used or it was just the distinct taste of the lamb but there was a difference. It tasted really really good as well but I definitely loved the lamb biryani more.

Fettuccine Alfredo – N4,800

My sister ordered the fettuccine Alfredo but she ended up not wanting to eat it after it came.I gladly devoured it because I love me some Alfredo pasta. The pasta was freshly made with the right rich ingredients. It was extremely creamy with a nice texture. It had some chicken and mushrooms in it which added to the tastiness of the dish.

Special beef Burger – N4,500

The special beef burger could use a better plating style to be honest. It comes with a side of fries and coleslaw. The fries and coleslaw were great as expected but the burger was lacking in so may areas. I mean it didn’t taste bad or anything but I would have expected that for a special beef burger it should be spectacular! The burger bread was ok but the content of the burger were not spectacular at all. It was a jus a beef patty, white onions, ketchup and spinach. It had no cheese, no mayo, mustard or any of the juicy burger ingredient. I didn’t expect to like it but I actually did even though I’d much rather prefer my burger sinfully juicy.

My question is this though, is this it a Mediterranean thing to make burgers this way?

Shish Tawouk – N5,000

The shish Tawouk was the last dish to be served so I didn’t really eat much of it. It’s like a grilled chicken dish served inside a tortilla bread with a side of pepper and humus. You also have a side choice of vegetable rice, fries and so much more. The chicken was soft and nice but could use a little more flavour in my opinion. It was almost bland. The rice was tasty and I loved that the vegetables were not overcooked. It paired greatly with the chicken.

Chapman – N2,400

The chapman was great, just like every other regular chapman. It was served in a medium sized glass which was ok for the price. I wish it was a bit cooler though.

Freshly Squeezed Pineapple juice – N2,400

The pineapple juice was fresh and tasty but not cold enough as well.

Total bill – NGN38,313(incl. VAT & Service charge)

General Review

The restaurant is veery welcoming and cozy. It is quite affordable for a fine dining spot and they definitely give you a worthwhile, contemporary Middle Eastern Dining experience. The restaurant staff are very professional and friendly and a a plus, if you’re having a birthday or anniversary celebration, you can go with your cake and enjoy it alongside dishes served in the restaurant without making prior reservations. I absolutely loved the dining experience and look forward to visiting again soon. (especially for the Lamb biryani rice).

Have you ever tried Mediterranean food before?

Taj Bistro, Abuja.

Hello August! Welcome to my very first blog post for the month of August. I’m super excited for this one because I got to try out a restaurant that has been on my list for a while now and also catch up with a friend. I mean, talk about good vibes August am I right! Before we get down to all the juicy details, I just wanna wish all my readers a blissful new month. It has been 7 months of consistency and I’m super proud of myself and thankful to everyone who reads, likes or supports my blog in one way or the other.

Now to the Jist of the day, Taj Bistro! Taj Bistro is an open kitchen restaurant located at NO 1 Atabara street, off Kampala street, Wuse 2, Abuja. It is a breakfast, brunch, lunch, dinner and bar spot that is open from 9am – 12pm daily.

The restaurant is one that has been open for quite some time now but I have always avoided it because of the amount bad reviews I’ve heard about the place. I finally decided to check it out myself because I a few engagements there and here’s all you need to know about Taj! (The good and the bad…lol)


It is beautiful! Honestly, the restaurant space is really beautiful. From the entrance, it gives quite the impression to it’s guests. There’s a beautiful neon sign that says ‘Taj’ decorated with flowers which makes it quite an attractive picture spot. The restaurant is quite spacious and accommodating. It features a bar, shisha lounge and an open kitchen. This means that you get a direct view of the restaurant kitchen while you dine. The open kitchen is one of the largest in an Abuja restaurant. It is really cool! The restaurant can take up to 25-30 guests at once. The also have provision for special events reservations.

Pictures at Taj!

The restaurant is definitely one of the top instagrammable spots in Abuja. I had to get a couple of pictures of my friend even though he was extremely shy.

Shisha Lounge

The shisha lounge is a secluded area in the restaurant for customers who would like to chill and have a smoke. It is beautifully decorated and has large see through windows which give you a view of the city. The windows can be opened for fresh air while the customers smoke and can also be closed and transformed into a cozy indoor space. The shisha lounge decor is so beautiful and can totally pass as a cute little cafe on its own.

The Menu

The restaurant menu offers a lot of food and drink options which are mostly pricey. I love that the restaurant menu is descriptive so it gives the customer an insight on what they are about to order. The budget for this restaurant is about N10 – N15,000 per person.

Now here’s what I did not like. Due to inflation there have been some price changes which affected the pricing of the menu and the management deemed it fit to effect the changes with a correction fluid pen rather than just print a new menu. This was highly disappointing, most especially coming from a supposed fine/standard restaurant.

Food & Drinks

My friend and I had some pretty different reservations about what we wanted to eat. I opted for one of the breakfast options and he got something from the main menu. We ended up having Nutella and banana French toast, tea selection flavour box, Thai special chicken fried rice & Fresh orange juice.

Nutella Banana french Toast – N5,500

It was a hit! I enjoyed every bit of it. The Nutella and banana French toast was plated beautifully and in a very minimalistic way which I loved. I had initially expected the French toast to be served plain with a side of Nutella that I can drizzle on the toast but it came differently. Each toast was spread with Nutella and it was great. The French toast was soft, warm and not soggy. It also had a nice cinnamon flavour added to it which made it bang. Although I loved the French toast, I couldn’t help but feel it was a little bit over priced.

Thai special chicken/shrimp fried rice – N6,000

the fired rice was very colourful and packed with many delicious ingredients. It was served in acute bowl. and was quite appealing to the eyes. My first initial thought was, where’s the rest of it? This is because the portion was really small for N6,000 and a main dish. The rice was tasty, the ingredients were rightly apportioned to the rice so we enjoyed it. The rice had a sweet and savoury taste because of the pineapple added to it. The rice portion was barely satisfying so I’d advice that if you’re ordering it, you pair it with something else to get a satisfying meal.

Shortly after we had the Thai special fried rice (with chicken), my sister ordered the same thing and her own dish was not very tasteful. It was partly burnt and the rice was very dry. This left some very questionable thoughts in my head as to the meal consistency of the restaurant.

Tea selection Flavor box – N2,000

After selecting this option from the menu, I was given a range of quality tea boxes to make a choice from. I chose the cinnamon and apple tea box and it was very nice. It was served in a beautiful tea pot set with honey (my choice) for taste. You can have your tea with sugar or sweetener if you’d like. I did not regret my selection at all, I very much loved the tea and the cute aesthetic that came with it.

Orange Juice – N2,700

The orange juice was freshly squeezed and served in a nice, adequate portion.

TOTAL BILL – NGN18,225 (incl 7.5% VAT & 5% service charge)

General Review

I had swell time at Taj! I enjoyed the beauty and serenity of the space while catching up with my friend. The service was great and I mostly enjoyed the food. However, I feel like there should be a few tweaks here and there to make the restaurant better than it is. The restaurant really doesn’t have a lot of street credibility when it comes to good food and its not a very good thing. I’d say my general experience was fair and I may visit again to see if they have gotten better.

If you have ever dined at Taj Bistro, do not hesitate to share your experience with me. I’m very much interested in all the details and I’m sure other readers will be too.

VII(SEVEN) Bistro Restaurant & Bar, Abuja.

VII (Seven) Bistro Restaurant and Bar is another Old but Gold spot in Abuja. It has been around for quite a while and i have heard so much about it but i had my first visit just recently. It is located at No 7 Kampala street Wuse, Federal Capital Territory, Nigeria.
The restaurant and bar is very cozy and has such a cool/chill vibe. With a very fun and rustic Interior, seven bistro instantly stole my heart. Read all about it below;


The restaurant ambience is really nice. They have an indoor space and an outdoor space. I love how they have neon signs with cute write ups. The outdoor space is a rooftop setting but it’s enclosed and also beautifully decorated. it has a nice view and it’s more private and secluded. There’s a mini bar uptstairs and also a restroom for convinence.

I love both spaces so much. The space has a relaxing and fun vibe. It’s a very good hangout spot with friends.

The Menu

The restaurant Menu is loaded with a number of food and drink options. It features Some local and international dishes covering breakfast, lunch and dinner options. They also have alcoholic and non alcoholic drink options. The menu pricing is affordable and can fit a budget of N10,000 for two.

Check out @sevenbistrong on Instagram to see the full menu.

Food & Drink

We ordered the red pepper pasta, owambe meal, virgin colada and water. Before our food and drink arrived, we were served complimentary potato chips and salsa. The potato chips were really crispy and it tasted so good with the salsa.

Red pepper pasta – N5,270

My friend Yasmin ordered the red pepper pasta and it looked really good even before we tasted it. It was hot, steamy Linguine pasta made in creamy pepper sauce and served with gizzard. I like that they used gizzard instead instead of chicken or seafood as usual. The pasta was really delicious and i totally wished i had ordered it.

Owambe – N6,800

The owambe meal was a combo meal. It was made up of beef suya, jollof rice, fried plantain and coleslaw. I enjoyed everything on my plate except the jollof rice. The jollof rice was nice and seemed tasty but it was dry and did not seem fresh. It seemed like it was made a day before and microwaved to be served. The beef suya was tasty and skillfully made.

Virgin colada – N3,500

The virgin colada is a pineapple juice, simple syrup and coconut cream mocktail combo. It tasted like a natural fruit juice, it wasn’t too sweet and it wasn’t bland either. The drink was nice but i didn’t really enjoy it because it’s just not my kind of drink.


General Review

VII Bistro is a very great spot for hanging out with friends, a Casual date or even a solo date. It is very budget friendly and their service was very fast and efficient. I look forward to visiting again soon for a chill day with my friends.

Hugs and Mugs cafe/restaurant Abuja.

Hello dearest reader, Welcome to today’s episode of Abuja’s hidden gems. Today is definitely your lucky day because you get to experience something different & something new!

Hugs and mugs cafe/restaurant is an incredible hidden gem i recently found in the city. Interestingly, it is in plain sight but no one ever really notices it. It is located at 134 Adetokunbo Ademola crescent wuse two Abuja, Nigeria which is in the same compound with Bakan Gizo supermarket which I’m sure you may have cone across a few times.

The hugs and mugs space is unique, interesting and cozy. Now i’m sure you may be wondering, what’s the food like? what’s the menu like? Well, that’s why you’re here. Scroll down to find out!


The restaurant space is quite small but in no way distasteful. The space was effectively utilized and beautifully decorated so you would not really feel like the space is that small.
It is one of the most beautifully decorated small spaces i’ve seen recently. The colors used in the decor are quite earthy and nice. The restaurant is not very popular, as such it was not full when we went so we had a peaceful and quiet dinning experience.

The restaurant is neat and the staff are warm and welcoming. I Loved how there were so many mirrors incorporated in the decor. The restaurant has different sitting areas that can fit about 20 people and a cute little restroom for Convinence.

Picture Perfect!

The restaurant space is super cute and we were lucky enough to be there at golden hour so my sister and i took advantage of that to take some awesome pictures.
The pictures came out really great so i had to attach it to this post.

The menu

The restaurant menu really took me by surprise. I initially expected it to be a few pastries and food options but they had way more than that!

The menu featured breakfast options, starters, main dishes, desserts, pastries, cocktails, mocktails, fresh juices, coffee, wines and so much more. The best part of it was that everything was super affordable.

It basically gives you a refined dining experience at good rates. I love it!

Food & drinks

The menu offered quite a lot of options so it took a while for us to decide because we both didn’t want heavy meals. After a long time deciding, we finally settled for the HNM express noodles and eggs, cappuccino, grilled turkey with a side of mashed potatoes and a glass of fresh orange juice.

HNM express noodles and eggs- N2,500

The Express noodles was basically indomie or so we thought. Well i mean it was still indomie but with an international passport. We all know indomie is a very simple but unique meal, in the sense that everyone makes it differently. Its quite hard for someone to make noodles for you that you will enjoy because everyone has their own noodle style. This was different. From the plating i knew this had to be something good!

The noodles were freshly made and served steaming hot. It was stir fried with different vegetables and sausages. Believe me when i say it was made to perfection! It was very rich, tasty and a bit moist just how i like it.

Cappuccino – N1,500

Who doesn’t love a good cup of coffee? I know i do! The cappuccino was made fresh in our presence so we got to witness the magic happen. I mean, you can never get enough of watching a beautiful cup of coffee being made.

The coffee was great! It came with some cubes of sugar incase you needed some additional sweetness and they also drizzled some caramel on it after it was ready. It was definitely worth the price.

Grilled turkey & Mashed potatoes – N4,600

The grilled turkey was fresh off the grill and it was covered in a unique & delicious sauce. The turkey was juicy and tender i couldn’t stop myself after the first bite. I devoured it to the last bit.
I opted to pair it with mashed potatoes because it has been a while i had it and it turned out to be the best decision ever!
The mashed potato dish was soft, creamy and had a luscious taste to it. It was Wonderful!

Once again, the plating was totally beautiful.

Fresh orange juice – N1,800

Fresh orange juice, but make it fancy! Thats exactly what i was served. I loved that the juice was freshly squeezed, so it had a little zesty taste to it. The orange juice also had some pulp it which was nice and made it evident that it wasn’t some packed juice turned into a cup. The juice portion was great for the price and it was served so beautifully i almost didn’t want to sip it.

TOTAL BILL – NGN11,400 (no VAT & service charge included)

General Review

Hugs and Mugs restaurant/cafe is mostly definitely a spot worthy of being checked out. It is definitely in my top 10 list of cute small places with good food and awesome service.

The ambience is great, their service is impeccable and their meals will leave you wanting more. I had a splendid experience and i look forward to visiting again real soon.

If you are just finding out about hugs and Mugs from this post kindly like, share and comment.

Dodo Pizza Abuja

The weekend is here and I’ve got a plug worthy of your time! In my last blog post I served you all with sugar, spice and everything nice. This time around I’ll be dishing out hot & cheesy deliciousness.

Dodo pizza is an awesome new pizzeria that just launched in Abuja. They have been operating in Lagos for quite some time now and they finally decided to give us a taste of their pizza goodness. The Pizzeria officially launched on the 28th of May 2022 at Gateway Novare Mall, Lugbe Abuja. The opening came with a bang and I was there to witness all of it while trying out their classic as well as new pizza flavours.

Read all about Abuja’s latest pizzeria below ;


The pizzeria has 2 entrances, one which is accessible without entering the mall and the other accessible inside the mall. The entrance inside the mall leads faster to the counter where you can place your orders and the second entrance gives you access to see the kitchen where all the magic happens which is pretty cool. I had the chance of witnessing some behind the scenes action and it was incredible. The space is thoughtfully planed which makes it very accommodating for quite a number of people.

It is decorated with the dodo’s pizza signature orange colour which makes the space really pop out. The colours used in decorating the space really gives a playful and chill vibe that makes you relax. I mean its pizza! it’s meant to be full of vibe. The sitting areas are quite convenient and are well equipped with adequate lighting and sockets so you can plug your gadgets and do some work or just have a good time.

The space is very convenient for a casual date with friends, co-workers, lovers and family.


SO MANY OPTIONS!!! That’s what comes to mind when you set your eyes on the Dodo’s pizza menu. They have quite the variety of pizza options as well as drinks and other snack options. Their pizza flavours are very unique and Nigeria friendly. I love how the menu gives you a lot of options and is also very affordable as such you can visit even if you’re on a low budget. The menu gives more than just pizza options, the have some desserts, sides and drinks.

Here’s where it gets very interesting! You can order in person at the store or you can do so via their mobile app which offers you a free pizza on your first order. Cool right? Well, it gets better! For every app order you get ‘Dodo coins’ which you can save up and exchange for pizza or other food items on their menu. How amazing! You get tasty pizza at an affordable rate and you also get to save up some money. I LOVE IT!!


For the scrumpdillyumptious part you’ve all been waiting for, the Pizza! Like I said earlier they have a variety of pizza options which comes in 3 different sizes. I tried out the medium dodo supreme pizza

The Dodo supreme pizza is a combo of mozzarella, tomato, spicy chicken, spicy beef, onions, sweet chilli sauce, bell peppers and interestingly, PLANTAIN (DODO). It was literally my first time ever having plantain on a pizza. It was both exciting and strange. The pizza crust was not so thick which made the pizza ingredients really enjoyable. The plantain on the pizza gave it a very unique flair. At every bite, you enjoy sweet and savoury flavours at once. The pizza was really delicious, my only regret is that I didn’t eat it hot.

On the side, I also got to try their cinnamon rolls and cheese rolls. The cinnamon rolls were really delectable, they were tiny bits of sweet deliciousness. The cheese rolls were something else, it was like mini sausage rolls with cheese in every bit and it was absolutely tasty. I still want more!

General Review

Dodo’s pizza is really bringing some redefined tastes and flavours to the city of Abuja. I am really looking forward to trying out all their pizza flavours so I can have the entire dodo experience in my tummy.

If you’ve ever tried out dodo’s pizza in Abuja, drop a comment. I would like to know about your dodo experience.

Zona cafe restaurant & grill, Abuja.

Hi there friends and lovers! It has been a hot minute since I dropped my last blog post and it really wasn’t intentional. I have been overwhelmed with pretty much every thing. I recently checked out the newly revamped Zone cafe restaurant with one of my favourite Abuja food/bloggers Uchey (@thelifestylegal_).

Zona cafe is a restaurant that has been in Abuja for a while now. It is located at NO 32 Kumasi Crescent Wuse 2, Abuja. Initially, they had a really cute and attractive cafe space that captured the hearts of so many when they launched. They had a lot of people trooping in when they launched because of their attractive space but I was never one of them. Mainly because it just seemed too cliche the time and I had zero to no expectations of their food. I noticed they went a bit MIA after a while which wasn’t really a shock to me because I kinda predicted it.

About a month ago, I noticed a few changes to their online presence and I noticed a whole new space and Instantly got intrigued! I knew I just had check it out and see what they’ve got going on.

The newly revamped zone cafe is artistic, beautiful and very full of vibe. Scroll down to read all about my date with Uchey and our experience of at the cafe.


The ambience at the cafe is absolutely intriguing! It features a nice and very artistic ambience. I absolutely loved the murals on the wall. Each angle of the cafe Is a work of art and you cannot help but stare. The LED lights gave the space a warm look which is absolutely grate to experience but not really the best lighting for pictures which is a bit of a turn off considering the fact that we live in a time where all people wanna do is take pictures (I am people…lol).

The restaurant space is quite big and can conveniently take up to 50 people, however I do not think they have enough chairs for that. There’s a lot of room to move freely without being in people’s faces and a bit of privacy to an extent. The restaurant also features a single bathroom for convenience.

Although they currently have no outdoor space, the indoor space is quite adequate and very beautiful. My favourite spot at the cafe has to be the part with the mural wearing glasses and having paint gushing out of it. I absolutely love it!