Tutti – Frutti Frozen Yoghurt Abuja

Hello FroYo lovers! Abuja’s Favourite Frozen Yoghurt spot is Back after quite a break. Tutti Frutti has been in Abuja for some years now and I remember wanting to try it so bad while I was in High school. I finally got to try it for the first time back in 2018 and I’ve been fan girling ever since. The frozen yoghurt spot has been closed for a while, since the lockdown i think but they recently reopened their doors to customers in 2022.

Tutti-frutti frozen Yoghurt is located at Suite B18, 112 Aminu Kano Cres, Wuse 904101, Abuja. Since the re-opening, there have been some slight modifications to the space and additions to their menu. They do not only sell Frozen yoghurt, they also have fresh fruit juices, bubble waffle FroYo, sandwiches, boba tea, yoghurt parfaits and fruit parfaits.
The space still remains as colorful as ever and have a few sitting areas where you can lounge and enjoy their products.

The space is nice, clean and comfortable. They have an indoor as well as an outdoor space. The indoor space is most suitable during the day time because it is protected from the sun.


As always, the Frozen yoghurt still comes with yummy toppings which can be chocolate, waffles, sweets, fruits and even nuts.


I tried the regular frozen yoghurt and also the new bubble waffle frozen yoghurt. The bubble waffle FroYo has a fixed price, while the regular FroYo is weighed on a scale to ascertain the price.

Bubble waffle FroYo – N3,500

The bubble FroYo is N3,500 for the bubble waffle + two flavors of FroYo + any topping of your choice and syrup. I chose the bubble gum and vanilla flavor topped with Oreos, Skittles and chocolate syrup. I normally do not like being spontaneous with my FroYo or ice cream flavors, I just opt for chocolate but I was glad I chose something different this time. The FroYo was tasted really nice, almost like ice cream and went perfectly with the bubble waffle. The bubble waffle was freshly made so it was warm and paired nicely with the FroYo. The bubble waffle was a little a little salty and because of the warmth, it made the FroYo melt a little faster so it was all soggy by the time I got to the end of the cup. I wish it had cooled down a little bit before it was served.

Chocolate and strawberry FroYo – N2,942

The regular FroYo was absolutely lovely! We had the Chocolate and strawberry flavors topped with Oreo and chocolate syrup and it was divine. I totally enjoyed it and I find it much more affordable than most ice cream places right now because the cup size is way bigger with free topping and syrup options, + you get almost the same taste as ice cream.

TOTAL BILL – NGN6,500 (including VAT)

General Review

Tutti – Frutti is a great Frozen yoghurt spot and is also a nice alternative for ice cream. It is affordable, cozy and is such a good place for cute dates with friends and family. I look forward to trying out their boba tea and fresh juices soon!

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