Citro Restaurant Abuja

Category: Casual Dinning

Budget; NGN15,000 – NGN20,000

Citro restaurant Abuja is a recently opened restaurant which is focused on serving classy international cuisine. It located in the heart of Abuja at No 4 Durban street Wuse 2, and is open from 11am to 1pm daily. The location is safe, serene and very private.


Citro is beautifully decorated with beautiful flowers both indoors and outdoors. The restaurant space is extremely calm and peaceful. There’s an instant soft relaxation vibe once you approach the restaurant space. As earlier stated, the restaurant features an indoor as well as an outdoor space. The indoor space is cozy and makes you feel at home. It has a more formal setting for a formal lunch/dinner date and also business meetings. The outdoor space on the other hand is less formal and is most suitable for drinks, shisha, games and hangouts with friends.


I have been to a lot of restaurants within and outside Abuja but my service experience at Citro is one of my best so far. The restaurant staff are very courteous and welcoming. Aside being courteous, there was a high level of kindness among the staff. The waiter paid attention to every detail and was ready at all times to assist us. At the end of our meal, the waiter made sure to get our feedback on the meals we had and also offered us complimentary desserts.


The restaurant menu is concise and well thought out. It has some international as well as local Nigerian dishes. The prices are fair and affordable. You can get a satisfiable meal with a N15,000 budget.

Food & Drinks

I opted for the local Nigerian dishes on the menu. I had the goat meat pepper soup which came with a few slices of bread, Suya skewers with Jollof rice and a virgin daiquiri to go with it. The dessert was complimentary and I forgot to ask what it was called but it was creamy and delicious.

The food was scrumptious and way beyond my expectation. When ordering the food I didn’t expect it to be as good as it was. The jollof rice and Suya skewers really made my day. It was correct smokey party jollof with beef bits chopped in it. I loved it.

Rukky’s side note

Citro is a lovely restaurant and I had a pleasant dinning experience. They have this famous volcano burger that I really want to try. Cant wait to see if it is truly worth the hype.

Rating: ⭐️⭐️⭐️

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