12 Inch Baguette Abuja/Lagos

Category : Food Truck

Budget : NGN8,000 – NGN12,000

12 inch Baguette is a fast rising electronic food truck business located in Abuja and Lagos state. In Lagos, you can find 12 inch Baguette at Landmark beach Oniru IV, Lagos. In Abuja, the food truck is at the Capital hub Mabushi Abuja. I recently stopped by the food truck at Abuja and I got a taste of their menu.

Ambience & Menu

There’s not much to the ambience because it is a food truck. However, it is situate in a very clean and safe environment. The place has adequate parking and is very accessible to customers. It has no provision for sitting. it is a grab and go spot.

The menu has about 4 food options with a lot of varieties. The Abuja menu has a few unique options that the Lagos menu doesn’t. The food truck serves a variety of Baguettes, salads, toast, tacos, cheese melts, juices and parfaits. The menu has vegetarian and non vegetarian options all of which are averagely priced.


The service at the food truck is fast, friendly and efficient. The staff are very familiar with the menu and are very passionate about the food truck. They offer pick up and delivery services. To order from the food truck, you can order in person or via the website for pick up/delivery.

Food & Drinks

I surprisingly didn’t try a baguette at the food truck, my eyes got caught up with other things. I tried out the Danbunama mince beef tacos, strawberry French toast with pineapple and ginger fresh juice. The tacos were absolutely tasty and delightful. I enjoyed every bite of it and still yearned for more. The juice was 100% natural and sugar free however it was still very much enjoyable.

Rukky’s side note

I find 12 inch baguette very interesting and innovative. They pride themselves in quality food and service and they surely deliver that. I loved everything I had and I can’t wait to try more.

Rating – ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

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