H & H Continental Restaurant

Category: Casual Dining

Budget: NGN12,000 – NGN15,000 per person

H & H continental restaurant is a reputable restaurant that has consistently won the hearts of the people of Abuja for almost a decade or more now. It is located at NO 18 Blantyre street off Ademola Adetokunbo Wuse 2 Abuja, Nigeria. H & H is famously known for their specialty dish, the H & H special grilled chicken and mashed potatoes. I have been visiting the restaurant for about 5 years now and I can boldly say I’ve never experienced a bad day in terms of service or food which is why I decided to share a full review of this rare gem.


The restaurant is located in a peaceful and well kept area. It features adequate parking spaces both inside and outside the compound. The restaurant has an indoor space, outdoor space and a mini pray area on the side. The pray area is generally accessible to customers of the restaurant and also guests of the H & H food court. Over the years I’ve watched both the indoor and outdoor spaces transition into very beautiful and cozy spaces.

The outdoor space is beautifully decorated with a lot of plants so it is very relaxing. Its a cool and very well ventilated space perfect for a drink or smoke. You can also choose to dine in the outdoor space for a less formal setting and you will still get the same quality of service as you would have if you were indoors.

The indoor space is more formal and cozy. It’s not the most upscale designed space but it’s one of the most comforting. From the scent to the music to the lighting, it is really a soothing space to dine in.


The restaurant menu is not overly large. It is very adequate with uniquely created food and drink options. The menu offers majorly intercontinental dishes and very few Nigerian food options. The menu pricing is very affordable for a continental restaurant. The most expensive dishes start at NGN9,500. All prices on the menu are exclusive of 7.5% VAT charges.


The service at the restaurant is very homey. The entire staff are very welcoming and friendly. They go an extra mile to ensure customer satisfaction and I absolutely love that about them. The waitresses are very knowledgeable about the menu options and dishes served. I loved the hot towel service before your meal is served. It was my first time experiencing such at the restaurant and it is commendable. The restaurant offers dine in, take out and also delivery options.

Food & Drinks

For lunch, my friend and I opted for the H & H special grilled chicken with a side of mashed potatoes and the peppered lamb with a side of native rice. For drinks I had a vanilla milkshake and my friend had a strawberry milkshake.

The food was outstanding as always. If you’ve never tried the H & H special grilled chicken before, here’s a few things you need to know; It is an absolute dinning delight, It is full/half grilled chicken glazed with a spacial cream based sauce that will leave you wondering. The mashed potato was silky smooth and creamy. The peppered lamb on the other hand was true to its name it was spicy, although it may be a bit mild for extreme spice lovers.

The milkshakes were luscious, creamy and had a nice taste consistency from start to finish. All in all we had a very very satisfiable lunch with little to no complaints.

Rukky’s side note

If you are in Abuja and haven’t visited H & H continental restaurant yet, this review is your sign to do it NOW! It is a visit your taste buds won’t regret. Asides the special grilled chicken and mashed potatoes, I also recommend the spaghetti stir fry, Hajiya sidiya deep fried chicken, grilled fish fillet and chicken in chilli sauce. There are a few new additions to the restaurant menu that I’m yet to try but I look forward to trying them and posting an updated review.

Rating – ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

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