10.O5 Restaurant & Bush Bar Abuja

Category: Casual dinning

Budget: NGN10,000 – NGN15,000

10.o5(five) Restaurant and bush bar is a new casual dinning restaurant located at No 51 Alex Ekueme way, Jabi, Abuja. It is situated right next to Uncle T’s diner Abuja. The restaurant opened up sometime in 2022 and it features a beautiful indoor space and an outdoor bush bar. The restaurant location is safe, spacious and well equipped with adequate parking spaces. It is also very easy to locate. The restaurant prides itself making authentic Nigerian dishes only. The restaurant offers dine in, take out and delivery services.


When visiting the restaurant, I checked out the indoor space and didn’t take much look at the bush bar because the weather was relatively hot and I needed a place I could cool off. The indoor restaurant space is very peaceful! It has A very simplistic design with a lot of modern and a few traditional pieces fused together. I loved how the space was well lit, peaceful and beautiful.

The restaurant space is perfect for family time, hanging out with friends and also solo dates.


The restaurant service was very fair. The staff were courteous, nicely dressed and did not hesitate to attend to us.


As I earlier stated, 10.o5 restaurant pride themselves in making local Nigerian dishes. The food menu features all local Nigerian dishes and they are all very affordable. They have a variety of alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks on the drinks menu which are reasonably priced.

Food & Drinks

At the restaurant, I tried out 10.05 special wings, Asun spicy meat, Aunty B’s native rice, Melon cooler & a mint mojito.

To start off, the portions of the Asun and special Wings were disappointingly small, but I guess I shouldn’t have expected so much as it was very cheap. The Asun was very spicy and delicious. I would have said the same for the special wings but unfortunately it tasted like the chicken was poorly preserved and it was starting to go bad.

Aunty B’s native rice was a hit! It had the best native rice plating service I have ever seen. It was served in a traditional pot with charcoal flames burning underneath so the rice stayed hot from the start to finish. The rice was worth every penny and even more because it was packed with a lot of proteins and it came in an abundant portion.

The two mocktails I tried were utter disappointments. The mojito tasted like water, sugar syrup and a hint of mint. It had no Zest at all. The lemon slices were right there but the taste was missing. The melon cooler was made with watermelon, soda water and cranberry juice. However, the watermelon was also poorly preserved and had gone bad. The melon cooler tasted so fermented I mistook it for an alcoholic drink.

Rukky’s side note

10.o5 is a great restaurant to visit and enjoy local Nigerian dishes whilst in a decent environment. However, they are in need of a competent quality assurance manger or else the low quality of food may chase customers away.

Rating – ⭐️⭐️

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